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Bet On The World Cup With Hakka Intelligence! — Simplified User Guide

Detailed version with screenshots below


  • Hakka Intelligence is a betting platform for real-world events (like predicting crypto prices at a specific future date) based on the blockchain, built by Hakka Finance.
  • Users place their bets in a pool with HAKKA tokens, which are redistributed back to users according to their relative prediction accuracy. In other terms, rewards depend not only on a user’s accuracy but also on his relative accuracy compared to other users.
  • To maximize the number of users making gains and maintain a positive-sum game environment, the Hakka Finance DAO provides 200,000 HAKKA of bonus rewards in addition to what users have already betted in the pool!
  • This time, Hakka users will have to predict the outcome of the World Cup knockout stage games, starting at the quarterfinals (8 teams): they will have to predict via numbers which teams will lose their quarterfinal game (1pt to 4 teams), which team will make it to the semifinals (2pts to 2 teams), which team will be the finalist (4pts to 1 team) and which team will be the World Cup champion (8pts to 1 team), for a total of 20 pts.
  • The betting round will be exclusively happening on Polygon Network.
  • Betting Round Period: Dec. 7th, 8am UTC (end of the round of 16) to Dec. 9th, 3pm UTC (beginning of quarter-finals)
  • Reward Distribution Date: Dec. 19th (end of the competition)

Steps to follow:

  1. BEFORE THE ROUND STARTS: Get as many HAKKA tokens as you want to bet on Polygon, available on: Quickswap, or by bridging your HAKKA tokens from Ethereum Mainnet via Multichain.
  2. ONCE THE ROUND STARTS: Head to Hakka Intelligence and assign a number of points to each team: 1 (quarterfinalist), 2 (semifinalist), 4 (finalist), 8 (champion).
  3. Set the amount of HAKKA you would like to bet, and turn on the automatic score calculator, or calculate your score manually on time
  4. AFTER THE ROUND IS OVER: Receive your payout and enjoy your gains! 🥳💰

Detailed version:

It is not because the round hasn’t started that you don’t have to prepare yourself!

Hakka Intelligence is a platform where bets have to be placed in HAKKA tokens. That means that before the round starts, you may accumulate HAKKA tokens to have them ready on the D-Day!

Also, since the World Cup Betting Round is happening exclusively on Polygon 🟣, your HAKKA must also be on the same network!

There are 2 ways to get HAKKA tokens on the Polygon network:

• Buy HAKKA tokens

The quickest way is to buy HAKKA directly on an exchange where the token is already available on Polygon, like on QuickSwap.

• Bridge your HAKKA tokens

Do you already have some HAKKA on Ethereum Mainnet or on BNB Chain? No problem:

  • If they are on Ethereum Mainnet, move your tokens to Polygon via a bridge like Multichain!
  • If they are on Binance Smart Chain, moving your tokens directly to Polygon is unfortunately not possible. The only way is to move them first to Ethereum Mainnet with OmniBridge, and then use Multichain

Once you’re done, you will be all set to start betting! Just head to the Hakka Intelligence website once the betting round starts (as soon as the Round of 16 games end!)!

Now that the round has started, head on to Hakka Intelligence. And click on the World Cup betting round, on “Bet Now” (or “Explore”, then “Bet”):

Then, scroll down and predict the final outcome of the post-quarterfinals competition, using numbers (1, 2, 4, 8), by using the Hakka Intelligence interface. You will have to imperatively perform this task after the round of 16 (Dec 7th) and before the kickoff of the first quarterfinal game (Dec 9th).


The total number of points distributed should equal 20 (1+1+1+1+2+2+4+8)

Type the amount of HAKKA tokens you would like to bet for this special round. If you need a higher amount, refer to Step 1! Turn on the automatic score calculator, which will cost a negligible amount of MATIC tokens (highly recommended), and click on “Stake”.

Congratulations! Your bet has been confirmed!

All you have to do now is to enjoy all the remaining World Cup games, and hope everything will go according to your predictions! Each game (at the exception of the 3rd place game) will count!

In this example; 15k = Your position, 47k = Total amount better by users in the pool, 10k = Bonus rewards to the pool added by Hakka Finance

Once the competition is over, in case you haven’t turned on the automatic score calculator, click on “Calculate”. You will see your score, which will depend on other users' scores. Once the calculation period has ended, you will be able to see your amount claimable!

Your final amount earned will be available, and all you have to do is to click on “Claim” to receive your HAKKA tokens!

Good luck and all the best HakkaFam!



Hakka Finance is a decentralized financial ecosystem with remarkable DeFi products administered by the governance token: HAKKA.

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A DeFi ecosystem with remarkable products administered by the HAKKA token.