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Coronation of Winners in HAKKA Intelligence Round 1

The bestowal of Legendary Ping Card NFT

The first round of Hakka Intelligence on BSC is officially over. We sincerely appreciate all participants. As we announced in Hakka Intelligence LIVE on BSC, the winners in each pool will be bestowed Legendary Ping Card NFT.

Let’s walk through the scoreboard of each pool.


Winner: 0x56901e50bf09ccce5a1c0d5a94201d224f5eb269

Score: 0.9999968721456886


Winner: 0xbececc0d46b3f06b0096c6b2bbc6e429fe7bd911

Score: 0.9999939932177621


Winner: 0x434e2d1b14d2717394d2cb20d69d5709341823f5

Score: 0.9999990316341367

The above three addresses have made a very precise prediction in each pool. Legendary Ping Card NFT will be delivered into their hands soon as the Top Predictor Prize.


We may take a deep look into the dataset in the first round to discover interesting facts. We can find that a majority of people have made close predictions in the BTC pool.

ETH pool, on the other hand, has shown a wider range of prediction allocation. Only a few players have made close predictions in the ETH price.

Lastly, predictions in the BNB pool are much more widely distributed. We can see that players have quite different opinions concerning the price of BNB.

The first round of Hakka Finance has now ended. Several interesting facts can be found in it. We sincerely appreciate all participants. The next round of Hakka Intelligence will be released soon. Stay tuned!




Hakka Finance is a decentralized financial ecosystem with remarkable DeFi products administered by the governance token: HAKKA.

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