Hakka Finance AMA Recap: March 2023

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4 min readMar 16, 2023

One of Hakka Finance’s designers, Shaw Ming, joined us for this Monthly AMA to provide insight into Web3 design.

We briefly reminded everyone in the community, prior to the introduction of Shaw, of 3F Mutual’s unique way of protecting and insuring crypto assets from MakerDAO’s Emergency Shutdown.

This event can happen at any time, especially if the DAI stablecoin depegs and becomes unstable, as happened last week when DAI was trading around $0.95.

We also announced the launch of the Hakka Discord Giveaway, which is aimed at Level 1 and Level 2 Hakka Play-to-Earn players. In terms of Play-to-Earn, we will be launching another mission in the coming days!

Monthly AMA: March 2023, with Hakka Finance Designer, Shaw Ming

Host: How are you, man?

Shaw: Thank you for asking! I'm doing great, and I’m excited to join this AMA session!

Host: Can you tell us a bit about your design background and experience in Web3?

Shaw: I have over six years of experience as a designer, with a focus on digital design.

I have worked on a variety of projects, ranging from branding, marketing materials, infographics, and NFTs. I have also worked on several projects related to Web3 design, and I love implementing 3D elements into my designs.

Host: How do you incorporate Hakka cultural elements into your design?

Shaw: My main source of inspiration was the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the Hakka people in China.

For instance, it served as the model for the “Hakka Farmer” character in the Hakka Finance Play-to-Earn game.

I did extensive research on the Hakka culture, including their clothing, food, and daily life, to fully understand and appreciate their way of life.

I wanted to capture the resilience, hard work, and community spirit that are characteristics of the Hakka people. So, I gave the character a strong, determined expression and depicted him in various farming tasks that require diligence and perseverance.

Host: What does this Hakka farmer mean to you?

Shaw: The Hakka Farmer character represents a rich, unique cultural heritage that deserves recognition and celebration.

The character embodies the values of hard work, perseverance, and a strong sense of community

Host: According to you, what is the personality of this Hakka Farmer?

Shaw: The personality of the Hakka Farmer is likely to be one of resilience, determination, and hard work.

These are qualities that are often associated with farmers in general, but in the context of the Hakka community, they are particularly important values that have been passed down through generations.

That’s the kind of mindset we aim to have at Hakka Finance.

Host: What were the challenges you faced while creating this Hakka Farmer?

Shaw: First, it is important to accurately represent the cultural elements of the Hakka people in a respectful and authentic way.

Second, mixing the traditional aspects of Hakka culture with the modern, fast-paced aspects of Web3 technology, like traveling to different planets, etc.

Host: What else did you work on with Hakka Finance?

Shaw: I worked on the special Hakka Intelligence World Cup NFTs, Hakka Finance OATs, and all the visual elements with the marketing and design teams.

Host: Is there any exciting stuff you’re planning for the future?

Shaw: I will continue to explore and implement innovative solutions with visual design in the DeFi space.

We also have a really innovative, fun project that we are working on right now that relies heavily on the visual and artistic aspects of it. I can't wait for the community to learn more about this in the near future.

Questions from the community:

1. You debuted during the uptrend, and now that it’s a downtrend, can you afford to continue the next long journey?

Yes, we can! We keep building and accumulating value. As a matter of fact, we are going to launch two exciting projects this year so far.

2. Any clues on the secret new project? Does it bear any resemblance to the CSF (Crypto Structured Fund)?

Regarding the secret DeFi project, we can’t give any clues yet other than that it’s a large-scale and innovative DeFi platform using a concept that exists in CeFi, but not yet in DeFi!

And nope, nothing to do with CSF!

3. What sort of fee or revenue percentage will the new product contribute to the Guild Bank?

It will not be exactly in the form of a revenue percentage, but rather as retroactive airdrops to reward our patient and loyal Hakka members via the Guild Bank.

4. Will the community address or vote on any of these details concerning the proposed project?

So far, there are no plans for that because the contribution comes from a project that is outside the Hakka Finance ecosystem.

5. Are there any updates from the recent hackathon you joined?

Yes! The Hakka team has anonymously submitted a project to the Fantom Hackathon, and winners should be announced soon.

Yet, not winning is not an issue because this mini-project will benefit Hakka Finance in some way!

If you attended the AMA for at least 20 minutes or asked questions on Discord or Twitter, you are entitled to claim a Hakka AMA OAT on Galxe.



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