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Hakka Finance: Monthly Performance Report (March 2022)

1. Overview

Hakka Finance consists of a couple of DeFi products, including Intelligence, iGain IG, and our flagship product iGain IRS. Started from 17 January 2022 to the end of March, iGain IRS has accumulated 47.01M for notional principal and 378.09K for total value locked (TLV).

In March 2022, Hakka Finance launched 3 new product features on iGain IRS (Aave borrowing available, referral program, and trading competition), held 7 marketing events with more than 3,000 participants and got 2 new partnerships (imToken, Immunefi) for more collaborations.

Not only do our product and marketing sides achieve impressive results, but our community building shows a good performance: Our Twitter has 1,300+ new users and 74,000 impressions while our Discord got 649 new communicators.

2. Monthly Performance

The monthly performances in marketing events, participation and social media are shown in Table 1. There are 7 marketing events in total. There are regular (monthly AMA, Liquidity Mining Programs) and special events, such as Polygon China AMA, Referral Program, Trading Volume Competition, Hakka Builders OAT and EM3 DeFi Lecture. The participation reaches 1,400 in trading competition, 200 in attending our AMAs and with around 3.75% conversion rate. Meanwhile, our communities grow apparently and steadily: There are 1300+ new followers on Twitter and 649 new communicators.

Besides, Hakka Finance got more business and marketing partnerships, particularly the collaborations with imToken in AMA and Immunefi with Bug Bounty Program (Table2).

3. Suggestion / Strategy for Next Month

In Table 3, there are some suggestions or strategies in planning for the next month, which are segmented into product, marketing and partnership.

For the product side, we’re working on more features on the existing products, such as novel feature and new term release on Intelligence, Aave V3 upgrade and new protocol support on iGain IRS, and other brewing products.

For the marketing side, we plan to release a monthly AMA, CoinTelegraph article and some reward campaigns for our token holders. As for partnership, synergies with Project Galaxy, Metaverse or Polygon are highlighted. It would be great to have diverse co-marketing or collaborations with organizations like Polygon.



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