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Hakka Finance & Unstoppable Domains: The Future Of Web3 Login Is Now!

The core team at Hakka Finance keeps building and collaborating with other DeFi and web3 actors to make sure you enjoy the most seamless user experience possible!

Earlier this month, we had announced the integration between iGain and Unstoppable Domains, making web3 login even easier. We are excited to share that that Unstoppable Domain wallet login is now available on the Hakka Finance website too!

What is Unstoppable Domains?

For those who may have missed the news: Unstoppable Domains (UD) is one of the biggest NFT domain services in the crypto industry!

What is an NFT domain? It is a customized and readable crypto address (“hakkafarmer.eth”) to replace the long and complicated one given by default (“0x12e34t567…”).

In short, it enables you to have your own username across all web3 apps and websites!

A custom domain can be bought on Unstoppable Domains, and only one single payment is required! The domain is then stored directly on your wallet, along with your favorite coins and tokens.

Buy your own domain directly from the Hakka Finance website

Win US$50 of Unstoppable Domains credits with Hakka Finance!

More details on our Twitter!

Explore the Hakka ecosystem and follow us for all the latest updates on DeFi!

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