Hakka Intelligence: How To Make Predictions and Win HAKKA Rewards

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2 min readMay 18, 2023


To start making a prediction:

1. Head on to Intelligence.Hakka.Finance.

2. Scroll down and select an active betting round that you want to participate in. Click “Bet Now”.

3. Connect your wallet to the blockchain indicated. You will see your statistics at the top, like:

A) Amount of HAKKA owned

B) Betting Deadline

C) Count Score — how accurate your prediction was (to be revealed when the round ends)

D) Rewards

4. Make your predictions on each coin by clicking the (-) and (+) signs, or inputting the numbers yourself. The price movement percentage will be reflected on the right.

5. Enter the amount of HAKKA you want to bet on. Click “Approve”.

And then, click “Stake”.

Note: You have the option to “Turn On” the Automatic Score Calculator so that your score will automatically be calculated by the smart contract (powered by Chainlink).

6. Congratulations! Now that you have successfully participated in the betting round, wait until it ends.

You will be given time to calculate your score and claim your HAKKA rewards, which are based on the accuracy of your prediction and its accuracy in comparison to other players.

To learn more about how Hakka Intelligence works, read this article.



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