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HAKKA Weekly Update & Reward Pools v19

Weekly Update of Hakka Finance & Liquidity Mining

Alpha Version of Hakka Intelligence is live NOW! 👀

After we release the detailed information of Hakka Intelligence in the Hakka Intelligence Handbook last week, Hakka fans have already understood the mechanisms of our latest product.

The 1st round of Hakka Intelligence

The first round of Hakka Intelligence allows all $HAKKA holders to submit their predictions of “Price changes from 1/9/2021, 12:00:00 AM to 2/8/2021, 12:00:00 AM.” A total amount of 100,000 HAKKA bonus is distributed in the first round! 💯

Participants should submit the predictions by 1/9/2021, 12:00:00 AM. Each player can only stake up to 10,000 HAKKA during our alpha release.

Predict now on:


Reward Pools v19

According to the poll result of HIP-47 /48, we have the new mining allocation decided by the entire HAKKA community. The mining allocation in the 19th would be:

Pool #2: 0.7M (Increased 0.2M)

Pool #3: 1.2M (Increased 0.6M)

The mining allocation v19 will start from 13:37 Jan 6th, 2020 (UTC).


For your information, the above mining allocation is only applicable to the 19th week, and it might be changed in the following weeks. Also, new pools might be introduced while new products of Hakka Finance are released. Stay tuned!



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