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HAKKA Weekly Update & Reward Pools v22

Weekly Update of Hakka Finance & Liquidity Mining

Launch of iGain on Sheety DApp (Alpha Version)

The fourth product of Hakka Finance, iGain, is LIVE now!

iGain is a decentralized financial instrument protocol that provides the options for investors to hedge/profit/speculate on certain targeting underlying assets with a synthetic, tokenized position.

As we introduce last week, the alpha version of iGain is launched on Sheety DApp. The first pair of iGain is built for the liquidity providers of ETH-USDC pair to hedge against potential impermanent loss.

Users may directly interact with iGain’s smart contracts through an interface built on top of Google Sheet.

Information You might look for:

iGain Interface (Sheety DApp)


Doc of iGain (Gitbook)


iGain Introduction

Impermanent Gain — Antimatter of Impermanent Loss

iGain — 我賺錢


Reward Pools v22

According to the poll result of HIP-53/54, we have the new mining allocation decided by the entire HAKKA community. The mining allocation in the 22nd would be:

Pool #2: 0.3M (Decreased 0.2M)

Pool #3: 0.6M (Decreased 0.6M)

The mining allocation v22 will start from 13:37 Jan 28th, 2020 (UTC).


For your information, the above mining allocation is only applicable to the 22nd week, and it might be changed in the following weeks. Also, new pools might be introduced while new products of Hakka Finance are released. Stay tuned!



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