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HAKKA Weekly Update v40

Brand New Hakka Intelligence Interface

Brand New Hakka Intelligence Interface

It’s time to say goodbye to our legacy-style Hakka Intelligence; we have redesigned our official website and dapp interface, which makes our products look more professional, modern, and trustworthy.

Comparison between the old and the new version

Not only has the design changed, but also the user experience has been optimized. Comparing to the old UI, the new one provides bet information clearer and more intuitive interactive input.

For the newcomers, Hakka Intelligence is a prediction market; people with more vision can earn more Hakka. more details in Hakka Intelligence Handbook v2.

Feel free to visit band new website of Hakka Intelligence:

Next Step

We will continue to pay more attention on the UI/UX for the upcoming flagship products. iGain will be the next one, stay tuned!

The alpha leak of the new iGain frontend

Voting for the next round

Which coins/tokens do you want to predict for the next round of Hakka Intelligence? Join the discussion in Hakka Forum!




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