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iGain IRS — Refer Frens, & earn rewards!

Hakka Finance is excited to announce you the launch of the iGain IRS referral program!

Until the end of March 2022, every iGain IRS user will get an exclusive referral code they can share to their friends on any social media channel and make more money off their stablecoins!

How to refer your friends:

Step 1: Go to the Fixed APY page of iGain IRS — Lending Section

Step 2: Click on “Register” to connect your wallet and receive your referral code

Step 3: Share your referral link to your friends!

During that period, 50% of each transaction fee paid by the referred user (from lending stablecoins + buying Short token) will be earned by the referrer!

That way, both can earn an income, one by lending their stablecoins and the other from referring.

The more people you refer, the MUCH MORE you can earn!

That’s not all! To spice up things, a referral ranking page is also available on the platform. So you can see how well you are doing compared to other users.

At the end of the month, the top 3 wallets with the largest referred transaction volume will respectively receive an airdrop of:

  • 1st: 30,000 $HAKKA
  • 2nd: 15,000 $HAKKA
  • 3rd: 9,000 $HAKKA

Start inviting your friends now and try to rank first while earning on your stable coins!


  • Referral Program ends in March 31st 2022
  • Rewards will be airdropped by mid-April 2022
  • A referral is only complete once your friend lends stablecoins AND buys Short tokens on the Fixed-APY section of iGain IRS. Neither Short/Long purchases on the Trade page nor Fixed-APY borrowing transactions are counted.
  • The referral and transaction volume ranking page is available here



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