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iGain x Unstopppable Domains: Web3 Login Now Made Easier

It is with great excitement to announce that we have integrated Unstoppable Domains to the iGain platform to make login easier!

Unstoppable Domains (UD) is one of the biggest NFT domain services in the crypto industry today. An NFT domain basically replaces your long and complicated wallet address to a more simple, readable name.

A typical address looks like this:


While an NFT domain is much shorter and can be customized with your name like this:

john.crypto or john.eth

Other than being an alternative for your wallet address, an NFT domain, particularly UD, can also be used as your own username across apps and websites, and as your website URL.

The best part of buying a domain on Unstoppable Domains is you only need to pay for it once. The domain is stored directly in your wallet just like your coins and tokens, and no one else can move it apart from you.

Furthermore, to celebrate this partnership with UD, we will be giving away $50 UD credits to 10 lucky winners who will participate on this campaign (or see below for details).



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