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Introduction of Hakka Key-Holders

Privileged admin of Hakka Finance has been transferred to a multi-sig wallet

Dear all the HAKKA community members

We are here because we all realize the benefits and essence of decentralization. In the Genesis of HAKKA, the biggest threat of the entire decentralized financial ecosystem is that everything is built on the private key of Ping. Therefore, to reduce the risk of single point of failure, we have to reach a new level of decentralization as soon as possible.

Today, we are here to announce that the admin of Hakka Finance’s smart contract has been transferred from Ping (Hakka Finance: Deployer) into a multi-sig wallet with 3 key holders: Ping, Yahsin and Luke.

Everyone should have already been familiar with Ping, the founder of Hakka Finance, so we will introduce more about the other key holders as below:

Yahsin Huang

Yahsin Huang is a community builder in the blockchain space. Her focus has been exploring how the democratization of digital tools empowers individuals. She is the marketing manager at Diode. She founded the RadicalxChange Taipei chapter, co-organized the Taipei Ethereum Meetup events, and contributed to several technology media outlets. Yahsin has participated in major Ethereum conference events since 2016, including DevCon in Prague, Czech Republic; EDCON in Sydney, Australia, and, more recently, EthCC in Paris, France; EthDenver in Colorado, USA. She covered Taiwan’s Maker Movement in 2014 and hundreds of open-source developer activities in 2013 as a magazine journalist. She has a bachelor’s degree in English literature from National Dong Hwa University.

Luke Wagman

Luke Wagman started his career in finance in analyst roles at Goldman Sachs and Black Rock. After being moved by the virtues of decentralization, he left Wall St. in 2016 to become the 2nd employee of the CoinMarketCap team where he served as the Chief Content Officer and the Chief Evangelist. Along with spearheading various business development and marketing efforts, Luke built the team that was responsible for evaluating and listing all the coins and exchanges as well as maintaining the several thousand datapoints across the website. Luke is also one of the best Dance Dance Revolution players in the USA!

We appreciate the enrollment of Yahsin and Luke. Their dedication and devotement make Hakka Finance a much ideal ecosystem with better governance and security. From now on, all the major decisions regarding the smart contracts of Hakka Finance would require the signature of at least 2 out of 3 key holders. Thank again for all the support of our community. Best Wishes.

For your information, here is the address of Hakka Governance Multisig:


And the address of three key holders:






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