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#iTradeiGain — IRS Trading Volume Competition!

Hakka Finance is thrilled to announce its brand new iGain IRS Trading Volume Competition!

During the launch of iGain IRS, the trading platform to hedge against DeFi interest rate fluctuations, we had invited you to explore and play around Long 🟢 and Short 🔴 tokens and reward you with some airdropped $HAKKA!

This way, you could have turned interest rate volatility on Aave from a risk to an opportunity! Lenders can secure their income with Short tokens, and borrowers could limit their costs with Long tokens.

A competition to reward active traders! 🏆

We’ll be giving away a total of 200,000 $HAKKA to the 5 wallets with the highest trading volume of Long and/or Short tokens until March 31st 16:00 UTC!

How to participate:

Which means that you can theoretically just continually buy and sell a Long or Short token as many times as possible. Price of buying and price of selling will be cumulated!

We will be updating you every once in a while on our social media to keep you updated on the current competition ranking!

And that’s not all! New Stablecoin terms are now available, in:

The 5 final wallets will earn 200,000 $HAKKA in total, distributed in the same proportion as the total of their 5 trading volumes!


🏅 Holders of at least 2 Hakka POAP NFTs or Galaxy OATs (Monthly AMAs, Discord Early User) or 1 Hakka Mooncake will get +20% on their counted transaction volume in the final ranking!

🏅 Holders of the Polygon or imToken OAT will get +30% on their counted transaction volume in the final ranking!

(non-cumulative offer, max +30%)


  • Campaign Period: 2022/2/18 16:00:00 ~ 2022/3/31 16:00:00 UTC time
  • Announcement of Qualified Wallets: 2022/4/1 8:00:00 UTC time

Other Terms & Conditions

  • To qualify for this event you must complete at least 1 transaction on iGain IRS during the campaign period and have your wallet address registered in the campaign form.
  • We do not accept any request for changes after submission.
  • Users suspected to abuse the rules and cheat, with actions including but not limited to, farming with bots, connecting dummy accounts, will not be qualified in the final transaction ranking.
  • Hakka Finance reserves the right to make any final and binding amendments to these rules.



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