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Let’s welcome sHAKKA farming… again!

We are thrilled to announce that sHAKKA farming is back! A few days ago, we announced the upgrade of Hakka Staking Model to V2, which gave way to an expansion to multi-chain staking in Ethereum mainnet, BNB, and Polygon!

Today, we are relaunching the sHAKKA farming on the Ethereum mainnet, giving sHAKKA holders the opportunity to earn more HAKKA at multiple-digit APR! 1,500,000 HAKKA are now available for you to farm!

Stake sHAKKA, farm HAKKA

“sHAKKA” is the governance token of the Hakka Ecosystem; the token granting you voting power to decide on any change or future directions of the protocol. It can be obtained by staking HAKKA.

After staking HAKKA to become sHAKKA, the latter can be used to earn even more yield in the form of HAKKA token.

How to farm HAKKA from your sHAKKA

  1. To farm HAKKA from sHAKKA, you first need to go to hakka.finance:

2. Click “Farms” on the left menu, then select Ethereum.

3. Select which term you’d like to deposit your sHAKKA with — in this case, select the latest version on the right. The earlier you farm before everyone else, the more yield you will earn!

4. Once selected, just connect your wallet and finish the transaction by inputting the amount of sHAKKA you’d like to deposit.

And voilà! You may now earn your HAKKA passively, under any market condition!

Explore the Hakka ecosystem and follow us for all the latest updates on DeFi!

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