Lunar New Year Meme Competition! — Terms&Conditions

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Come and celebrate with us for Lunar New Year, the most important festival in Hakka culture!

Hakka Finance, the DAO with Hakka spirit, would like to invite all our Hakka family to enjoy the Lunar New Year by participating in a special event:

A Meme Competition!

Come celebrate Lunar New Year with us and vote for your favorite memes!
An exclusive Hakka Lunar New Year NFT on Galxe and a pool of 100,000 HAKKA tokens are awaiting for the winners!

Meme Competition Information:


Start: From now
End: 08:00UTC 2023/01/30

Where to participate:

2 ways to join the Hakka Lunar New Year Meme Competition:

  1. Join our DISCORD and create you best memes in the memes channel.
  2. Or you can follow Hakka Finance and quote this tweet with your memes and hashtag #HakkaFinance


How to Win:

Discord: We will choose 5 participants who have the most “👀” emojis as winners.
Twitter: We will choose 5 participants who have the most likes as winners.

You can choose either Discord or Twitter to participate, or even both!


  • Each winner will get 10,000 $HAKKA as a reward!
  • Furthermore, every single participant (even if you didn’t win) will be able to claim a Lunar New Year Hakka OAT on Galxe!
OAT available on Galxe for every participant!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Creating memes with either Lunar New Year and Hakka elements is necessary.
  • Participants on Twitter need to follow @hakkafinance and use specific hashtags, will be considered unqualified otherwise.
  • Participants on Discord need to join Hakka Discord and submit memes in the memes channel, will be considered unqualified otherwise.
  • Hakka Finance reserves the right to make any final and binding amendments to these rules.
  • Hakka Finance does not accept any requests for changes after submission.
  • Users suspected to abuse the rules and/or cheat, with actions including but not limited to, farming with bots and connecting dummy accounts, will not be qualified in the final ranking.
  • Airdrop of token rewards will be at the end of January or early February.



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