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[OFFICIAL] Polygon awards Developer Grant to Hakka Finance (+ AMA &Trading Competition)!

We are extremely thrilled to share that Hakka Finance has received a Developer Grant from Polygon!

Polygon Network supports the future of DeFi

The core team behind Hakka Finance is working hard to develop and ship innovative decentralized financial instruments into its ecosystem.

To gain in scalability and enable Hakka Finance users to enjoy lightning fast transactions and low gas fees, our two latest products, iGain IRS (a platform to hedge against DeFi interest rate fluctuations) and iGain IG (a platform to hedge against DeFi impermanent loss), as well as their respective liquidity mining programs, are running on the Polygon chain!

And that’s not all! To reward the engagement and participation of the Hakka community, like in our AMA events or Discord rewards, we are also now distributing NFTs on Polygon via Project Galaxy!

“Ask Me Anything” session with Polygon!

On Friday February 18th 2022, Polygon Network and Hakka Finance have organized a joint AMA session on Telegram!

In that session, the Polygon community could learn everything about the Hakka ecosystem and why we have chosen Polygon to run our DeFi products.

AMA attendees were also entitled to receive an exclusive Galaxy OAT!

For a summary of the AMA session with the Polygon community, you may read our tweetstorm here!

Trading Competition!

We’re organizing a trading competition on iGain IRS, more details in a dedicated article this week!

The 5 wallets generating the most transaction volume (buy and sell) of Long and Short tokens will be sharing a sum of 200,000 $HAKKA!

Participate right now via Gleam.

Stay tuned for further announcements regarding the Hakka Finance ecosystem!



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