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Top Agents Awards & Reward Pools v6

Update of HAKKA Liquidity Mining

Top Agents Awards

Dear valued 3F Mutual Agents

After half month of intense competition among more than 750 elite insurance agents, the final results of the competition are as follows:

Congratulations to all of our winners, and the reward for winning agents will be distributed according to the rules:

<№1> 500,000 $HAKKA

<№2> 200,000 $HAKKA

<№3~5> 100,000 $HAKKA

<№6~10> 50,000 $HAKKA

Your HAKKA reward will be directly transferred to your address by Oct 10th.

Thank you for your love and support for 3F mutual and Hakka Finance.

For your information, the first-mover achievement is still underway.

First-Mover Achievement: 100,000 HAKKA

The first 10 Agents to achieve the “Blue Diamond” level will receive a special reward of 10,000 HAKKA each.

Reward Pools v6

According to the poll result of HIP-16 / 17 / 18 / 19, we have the new mining allocation decided by the entire HAKKA community. The mining allocation in the 6th would be:

Pool #1: 0 (Pool Closed)

Pool #2: 0.7M

Pool #3: 1.8M

Pool #4: 0.5M (Stay the same)

Pool #5: 0 (Pool Closed)

The mining allocation v6 will start from 13:37 Oct 8th, 2020 (UTC).

There will be no reward for Pool #1 and #5 ever since, and the pool will be removed from the frontend in the future. Staked tokens are suggested to withdraw from the reward pool ASAP.


For your information, the above mining allocation is only applicable to the 6th week, and it might be changed in the following weeks. Also, new pools might be introduced while new products of Hakka Finance are released. Stay tuned.

Vesting period for mining Reward

On the other hand, the “HIP-20: Vesting period for mining reward” is passed. This feature will be introduced soon.



Hakka Finance is a decentralized financial ecosystem with remarkable DeFi products administered by the governance token: HAKKA.

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Hakka Finance

A DeFi ecosystem with remarkable products administered by the HAKKA token.