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USDT Now Available On iGain IRS!

iGain IRS is one week old! 🥳 Hakka Finance has been working hard to ship what should be a game-changer in DeFi interest rates. But it doesn’t end here!

Lenders can secure their income by buying Short tokens.

Borrowers can limit their costs by buying Long tokens.

Traders can simply chase arbitrage opportunity by playing around with both!

And people who want to earn income more passively can simply provide liquidity by buying LP tokens in one of our pools.

All the details you need in our User Guide.

So far, traders could use iGain IRS with USDC and DAI.

After asking you, the community, we have seen that there was a significant demand for USDT as well!

You asked. We delivered.

You can now buy Long and Short tokens on USDT terms from Aave!

See you on iGain IRS and happy hedging!



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