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Win Up To 20,000 $HAKKA With The Lunar New Year Airdrop Lottery!

For those unfamiliar with Chinese culture, it is tradition to offer 紅包 (hóngbāo — red envelopes 🧧) to your loved ones during the Lunar New Year!

This time, we would like to express gratitude to the $HAKKA community by offering 36 red envelopes to 36 people via a lottery! 🎉

What can you win?

1st prize: 20,000 $HAKKA

2–3: 10,000 $HAKKA (2x)

4–6: 5,000 $HAKKA (x3)

7–10: 2,000 $HAKKA (x4)

11–15: 1,000 $HAKKA (x5)

16–21: 500 $HAKKA (x6)

22–28: 200 $HAKKA (x7)

29–36: 100 $HAKKA (x8)

How can you participate?

📍 Complete as many tasks as possible on this Gleam campaign.

📍 EACH completed task will grant you ONE entry to the lottery event!

📍 Playing around iGain IRS by buying Long or Short tokens — and holding it during the lottery period — adds 10 EXTRA ENTRIES to your application!*


🏅 If you are the lucky holder of one the following NFTs…

Hakka Mooncake

2 Hakka POAP (Monthly AMA/Discord)

iGain/SnapFingerDAO AMA

…you are eligible to win an extra +10% to your prize (!) if you are one of the 36 lottery winners!

Announcement of Lottery Results: 2022/2/7 8:00:00 UTC on our social media (@hakkafinance)

*Write down your ETH wallet address on the next step for so we can verify. The address written has to be the same as the one receiving the prize

Terms & Conditions

  • To qualify for this event you must complete at least two actions (follow and retweet) listed on the campaign
  • Users are only eligible to participate with a single account. One Twitter account must be tied to a unique Discord account, a unique wallet address, etc.
  • We do not accept requests for changes after application submission.
  • For those making transactions on iGain IRS to obtain 10 more entries, only Long and Short tokens will be counted within the lottery period, LP tokens are excluded. They must then submit their wallet address on the next task for verification, which must be the same wallet as the one chosen to receive the lottery prize.
  • Users suspected to abuse the rules and cheat, with actions including but not limited to, farming with bots, connecting dummy accounts, will not be qualified to earn airdropped tokens.
  • Hakka Finance reserves the right to make any final and binding amendments to these rules.



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