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What If You’re Already Successful?

“If you identify as successful, then you are!”

  1. I love Laura Belgray. She’s one of the most authentic, creative, and funny writers I know (and they’re very few). The fact that she replied to my comment was enough for me to blush.
  2. More importantly, she reminded me that we don’t have to wait for someone else to validate our progress.



I first read the word “hal” in a devotional written by A.W Tozer and have been fascinated by how the words “health,” “whole,” and “holy” come from it. It captures the theme of this space: living whole — while doing what we love (in my case, writing well).

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I write about creative living, compassionate productivity & lifelong learning to encourage multi-passionate people to share their work✨ bit.ly/processwithkishly