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Aug 24, 2018 · 7 min read

Guess we can all agree, that 2018 has been an eventful year so far. If you flip through the highlights you’ll spot a handful of events that give us reasons to think and live differently, but also to celebrate.

We cheered at the World Cup and Winter Olympics, witnessed the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century, and saw 5 superhero movies that were so empowering and ridiculously cool, that inevitably drew us into building our summer internship around this theme.

We’ve put our minds and hands to work and completed 6 weeks of intense learning, practicing, mentoring and building a crowdsourced package transportation app together with 17 amazing interns.

We introduced young talents to mobile development and helped them triumph over bugs and error messages. Based on their feedback and our experience, it’s been an awesome one and a half month by the end of which they rightfully and unquestionably earned the title of #halcyonheroes.

Who are these guys and gals we’re praising? Meet them and find out more about their unique way of thinking and sense of humor from the answers to our superquestions.

Andreea Acatrinei

Would you rather be in a loveless relationship with a superhero or in a romantic relationship with a super villain?

Andreea Acatrinei: I instantly choose the latter. I believe that everything you do in life should be guided by passion, so a passionless relationship with a superhero would be a waste of time and energy for me. I also think that nothing is white or black (superhero or villain). There is mostly common ground, a grey area, the concepts of extreme good and extreme evil seem a bit nonsense to me.

Alexandra Crișan

If you could develop a super ability, what would that be?

Alexandra Crișan: Considering the fact that music is the love of my life, I would like to develop the ability of transforming sound into light and create a whole new experience.

Nagy Krisztina

Who’s your favourite superhero and why?

Nagy Krisztina: My favourite superhero is Wolverine. Many people consider him an antihero, but to me he’s a superhero in spite of all the darkness within him.

I admire his power and perseverance. He endures being beaten because he thinks he deserves it, he doesn’t give up and fights even if there’s no real chance to achieve his goal. This really makes me think about what kind of person he is.

I would like to have some of his qualities: a bit of his hidden kindness, his strength to fight for what he wants, and the wisdom to get on the right road in spite of the bad decisions.

Cătălin Dârjan

Name 3 useless superpowers (i.e: teleporting in the exact same location, ability to unscramble eggs, ability to read Heavy Metal album cover titles, no matter how spiky the logo).

Cătălin Dârjan:

1. Being able to punch through walls, but each time you do it, the hand that did it breaks forever.

2. Running at the speed of sound, but the whole world moves at light speed.

3. Being able to sing the lyrics of songs at a concert but in reverse.

Alexandra Peculea

In a fight between Batman and Superman who do you think would win? Elaborate.

Alexandra Peculea: Superman is way too popular and thinks he is the best superhero. Meanwhile, Batman goes to the gym everyday and saves the world every night, becoming stronger and stonger. So when the two meet, the confident Superman starts the fight, and doesn’t expect to be beaten by Batman, which obviously happens.

Alexandru Tăbușcă

If you could design a super gadget, what would it do and what would you call it?

Alexandru Tăbușcă: I’m kinda biased here cause I’ve always liked the idea of “wishing for more wishes”, so I’m going to go for a super gadget that is capable of creating any other thing that I want. I think I’m going to call it the Inceptioninator 9000.

Rebeka Debre

Which superhero’s sidekick would you like to be?

Debre Rebeka: I’d probably be Wonder Woman’s sidekick.

Lorena Pop

Save the world without getting credit for it, or don’t save the world and be known as a villain?

Lorena Pop: ‘Save the world without getting credit for it’. I really, really cannot see why would someone choose the second answer.

Andrei Matea

What’s the best superhero movie you’ve ever seen?

Andrei Matea: Deadpool 2. That guys is incredibly strong and funny, makes a lot of jokes, has a positive perspective and is immortal, I mean hell yeah.

Stoian Urzică Cristian

What would be the funniest fictional hybrid in your opinion?

Stoian Urzică Cristian: Aquaman Jack (a combination between Aquaman and Jack from Titanic).

Diana Oncea

Superhero for a day or villain for a week?

Diana Oncea: I would like to be a superhero even if only for an hour, just to make someone happy or to fix that server issue magically (kidding). I think we are all superheroes and we are fighting against our villain half, so in the end it is important which half is going to win.

Katalin Néda

Would you rather join the Guardians of the Galaxy or the Avengers? Why?

Katalin Néda: I haven’t seen the Guardians of the Galaxy, so I am not sure if I would join them. But the Avengers surely. A superhero’s life is definitely not boring, they always have to face new challenges. Even if they are the strongest and bravest, they also need to step out of their comfort zone to rescue the world. If I had the opportunity, I would certainly join them, because I also like to get out of my comfort zone, even if it is hard and I could lie in my bed instead. I think we can grow only if we face our fears and limitations, and we are able to learn new things.

(And in a miraculous world who doesn’t want to save the world in a cool piece of equipment with cute guys?)

Tudor Palade

Which superhero would you trade lives with for a day, and what would you do?

Tudor Palade: I would definitely choose to be Deadpool. I’d have Morena Baccarin (his girlfriend) for a day and as superheroes we would save the world from the imminent extinction.

Loredana Comoară

If Halcyon Mobile would be a superhero, which one would it be?

Loredana Comoară: If Halcyon Mobile would be a superhero, it would be Batman. The Halcyon team is a group of super-people who struggle daily with errors and bugs, and solve all problems using specialized tools to provide the best application. Super-people don’t say Halcyon Mobile is the best, but their products prove it. Do you notice the similarity with Batman?

Paul Orha

If you would have to choose between Invisibility and the Power of superspeed, what would you choose and why?

Paul Orha: Being invisible may have some advantages, like going to the movies for free or doing some killer puppet shows, but some people already feel like they are invisible. Uh, this could be a deep philosophical route to take, but we have more important stuff to talk about, like SUPERSPEED.

Who wouldn’t want this? You could have those extra 5 minutes in the morning, eat breakfast in a pinch and develop two projects in a day. The downside would be the bill for all the keyboards you’d destroy, but I’d pick that regardless.

Andrieși Claudiu

Who would you give the title of “real-life superhero of our days” to?

Andrieși Claudiu: To the people who save lives every day.

George Chiș

Who would you cast for the role of a #Halcyonhero?

George Chiș: Me, of course. However, referring the Marvel Universe actors, maybe Anthony Mackie, keeping the Halcyon Mobile birds theme, because he plays Falcon.

What a great bunch of people, right? It’s been an absolute pleasure to have them with us and see them grow. The work we did and the fun we had will prepare them to overcome old fears, conquer new grounds and be their own superheroes day by day. Here’s to what’s next.

#halcyonheroes levitation lesson: lvl beginner

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