2016 :: The Year of Intention

Welcome to 2016 (and the first Monday, eh) everyone! This is my new revamped blog for ongoing coding learning; so let’s cut to the chase and I’ll be outlining goals and such below. Ongoing will also mean…changes to learning and posting schedules ;)

Who am I?

My background is primarily graphic and some web design for communications marketing. After graduating from school, I found myself in a corporate environment and found my work didn’t align with my future career goals. So here I am now enjoying the Portland, Oregon life and on another job search! The exposure to web design and coding in college was minimal and put on hold for a while until I had another introduction through a RailsBridge, in partnership with Girl Develop It, workshop and it was incredible making a simple web app with Ruby on Rails. Over the past year I have been dabbling in web development and coding again and 2016 will be the year I plan to jump into it career wise.

What am I doing?

This is the year I will be calling myself a fully fledged front end designer and developer, with some introductory experience with the back-end. I’ve set generalized parameters and time frames to learn languages and technologies most developers should know and the expected outcomes (see chart below for rough outline). I’ll be using my blog for checkpoints and updating what I’m doing and building as I go.

Why am I doing this?

With my recent move, I am able to commit most of my time to my learning whereas I previously was dabbling and felt like floundering for months. While catching up on research and design news in prior months, I have come across numerous women in tech networking and collaborating groups and have attended a couple here in Portland already. I have already built some confidence and outdone my past reserved quiet self (well still am a bit) and have gone up to others to chat at these tech meetup groups, where my old self would attend, hang around and leave “just for the experience of being there.” I’ll be working on my networking this year too ;)

How am I going to achieve this?

I’ve set general goals of technologies on a rough monthly basis to start the year off and general goals and products of the month. I will probably set a certain amount of hours per day also since I am also job hunting. There will be some shifting of my design work showcase, moving back to Behance and Dribbble for those and code will be on Github. This is just a rough outline and I’m sure I’ll find what works and what doesn’t in the weeks and months to come.

Ongoing :: Git + Github for version control.


Front end dev skills building sites, Bootstrap, WordPress
~3 sample sites to refer to, child theming, from scratch (portfolio, storefront, and news reader)

Sass, JavaScript
Continue making WP sites, convert from CSS to Sass, ongoing JS

React.js or Angular (still deciding)
Calculator app,

Ongoing JS?

Or Ruby on Rails or Python