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Let Them Eat Cake, 2022. Edition!

Kim Kardashian’s brilliant, eloquent advice for women in business.

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In 2016, Kanye West compared Kim Kardashian to modern-day Marie Antoinette. The prophecy came to life yesterday.

“Get your fucking ass up and work”.

We might as well chomp on some cake while we’re up our asses.

Yet somehow still, the Kardashian machine with media on their payroll subtly placing stories and twisting your opinions more skillfully than MK Ultra; keep you steadily convinced in their narrative of him being crazy, and psychotic and her being savvy, calm, and sweet.

Yesterday, we saw how sweet.

Wondering what happened that made her break character? Where was the usual baby stripper voice, the regular programing calmness, and sweetness? What gave?

What she said was offensive, yes, but it’s even more offensive as to HOW she said it. With a tone of a bully. Aggressive. Like she’s fighting with someone. Who is she angry about? Us, gives she’s talking to us?

I have been saying it for years now, this woman is a bully. She plays the sweet character almost perfectly, but sometimes she cracks. Yesterday. With Kourtney. With Kylie. Antagonizing Taylor Swift by releasing a private conversation to expose her. Only to later be discovered Taylor was telling the truth. While not even being a part of that situation.

In case you live under a rock and you somehow missed this vileness yesterday, here :

“I have the best advice for the women in business: Get your fucking ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days. You have to surround yourself with people that want to work. Have a good work environment where everyone loves what they do, because you have one life. No toxic work environments, and show up and do the work.”

As I already mentioned, it’s how she said it. As one commenter on Instagram pointed out, similarly: “It’s not just what she said but how she said it, so aggressively, not her usual fake, every word is calculated tone. It’s like she had an axe to grind with someone and who is that someone?”

The someone is her lifelong insecurity.

Insecurity and irritation with being called privileged all her life, something she never accepted or reconciled with. It annoys her. She wants to be perceived as a hard worker, totally ignoring her privilege of having family money to start her projects and connections to further them. How hard is it to just acknowledge the privilege? And still appreciate your achievements.

In the words of Jameela Jamil: “I wish more celebrities could learn how to appreciate their own work or brag even, without shitting on those who have and were born with less. It’s grim.”

People have just been through a two-and-a-half-year-long global pandemic. To have no compassion for what the world is going through right now, and how hard it is to get back to regular life, jobs, productivity, is an insult and a work of a bully.

A constant need to one-up someone, mostly women, even her own sisters, to show how superior, better, more wanted, powerful, more fit, richer, successful she is, even after all these years, still, constantly, with the same vigor — it’s a disease. When is it enough?

And a day after an International Women’s Day, no less.

Here comes Kim Kardashian with a prime time Boomer energy, anger and all, or as one commentator on Instagram said: “Kim really opened her mouth and an old rich white conservative man came out”, which makes me believe, since I didn’t take her to be this disconnected with planet Earth, she might be building a platform for …… office? This reeks of courting a conservative, rich, white demographic. God help us.

I’m so tired of hearing about this person.

I won’t go into the basics of everyone not having the same start or same circumstances in life when simplifying it with “just get off your asses” — it sounds like a platitude everyone’s aware of.

But what angers me is pushing this narrative to “all people” and deeming people who “don’t get off their asses” lazy or responsible for the lack of success and millions in their accounts, when we can not all be expected to produce the same.

A huge factor that society is constantly ignoring is there are so many people with neuro-diverse brains. Call them on a spectrum; sounds, noises, smells, repetitions affect their nervous system in different ways than neuro-typical people.

Why does this matter?

It matters a great deal. It decides the quality of life the person is going to have. The job and the paycheck are how we get that particular quality of life.

Since most people don’t have the emotional, mental, and spiritual infrastructure to accommodate for differences in others, a life of a neuro-diverse person consists of constantly trying to slalom through a million of daily disturbances to find that space of being able to concentrate, focus, produce. Earn. I’m one of them, and I deal with this on daily basis.

Kim’s idea, besides “just getting up from our asses” is also to “surround ourselves with people that want to work”, also she generously advises us to “have a good work environment where everyone loves what they do” because we “have one life”, she says. “No toxic work environments”, she also says, which tells me what I’ve been doubting for decades now. This woman is not just a bully, but an out-of-touch idiot, too.

Yes, sure, people can demand the non-toxic work environment at the company they work for to pay the bills, and they can nicely ask their boss to not be toxic since we need to create a non-toxic environment, Kim said.

Ignore the fact the whole professional life of a non-wealthy individual consists of trying to navigate the toxic work environments that are forced upon you, where you have no say, given you are working for someone else. The concept of having to work for someone before we can work for ourselves, a career-making step Kim was privileged to skip somehow seems lost on her.

Hard work did not get you there Kim, your privilege did. Once you were there, sure, you worked hard.

And when I hear “but she made a billion from that million” or “she made herself a billion-dollar brand, which many other people with privilege or money didn’t achieve”, I need to stop you right there. That was HER set of circumstances. First of all, she wanted it. So many other rich people don’t. She was running around the house at 16-years-old screaming in the camera how she wants to be famous, promising is to — “remember this face when I do”.

She had a mother willing to do this with her and for her. She had sisters completely comfortable with her calling them out, insulting them on camera, making herself look better over their backs; tell me who of us had all those circumstances lined up? The whole entire family conspiring for this person to become what she is today?

Many people have wealth, but they didn’t have support. Many more have neither.

You say nobody wants to work these days, instead, you should say no one wants to be exploited these days.

If this pandemic taught us anything is that, yes, employers have options, but people have options too, and they’re right to demand decency and respect in their working environments.

“Work is even exchange or services for money and any time it doesn't feel even, find the door.”Shani Silver

Comparing work of building a TV Show or building your brands with hundreds of people in your team, experts, tastemakers — which is almost everyone’s dream; having staff, chefs, assistants, and nannies and expecting a regular woman with a regular job, with kids, family, and a household with no help is able to put in the same hours as you, but not doing it because she’s lazy or she doesn’t want it hard enough — is Marie Antoinette as it fucking comes.

I won’t even start about her ripping off designs from smaller brands, having the worst quality manufacture of her products, and treating her workers to the worst prison-like conditions, refusing to pay interns while accumulating wealth by exploiting so many people — that’s the whole another article I have no energy for.

In very tiring conclusion:

Let’s not eat that cake, let's instead call these media outlets out for asking these people these questions and publishing this nonsense for clicks — making already exhausted, hardworking people hold themselves to impossible, unhealthy standards.

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