Its been two days since the last post, but things haven’t yet relaxed yet. So many things done, so many new experiences, all of them wonderful. Therefore, enjoy some of the pictures!

So Day Three started with going up the Singapore Flyer, the world’s largest observation wheel in the world, larger than the London Eye. It was a weird experience, considering I’m not a big fan of heights, but I feel the gentle rise in height may have helped. The view from the top was interesting, the large number of ships off the coast unbelievable, with views of the Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, and the city. Something that I’ve noticed that I’ve come to learn is common in tropical cities is the haze. The sky is never quite blue, more a shade of grey. Not that it matters when it is pushing 35°C and 80% humidity.

From here we went to Gardens by the Bay, a giant botanical space dominated by the two domes and the trees set within it. When we went into the first one, the Cloud Forest, it was misting time and it gave the place quite the atmospheric and eerie feeling to it. Indeed, you could imagine that this is what it would be for those travelling in space and this is the only greenery on the ship.

These gardens were full of colour and life, and it was just absolutely beautiful. There was also a Skywalk between the trees that was included with the Singapore Stopover Holiday, and that was a little scary, it all being held up by cables, and rocking in the wind. Nevertheless, the view from there over the park was amazing.

To complement this, we today went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens and visited the Orchid Gardens, where again the colours were amazing, the flowers exotic. I have decided in fact that I want a house with these flowers just all over the place.

The Gardens also had special flowers, hybrids that have been name after people like Princess Diana (left) and Margaret Thatcher (right). It’s amazing how some of these flowers really do reflect that of the person.

The rest of the time has really revolved around the amazing food that you can get here in Singapore. We’ve had lunch and dinner at a place called Food Republic, essentially a hawker market for food within a shopping centre. I’ll let you judge for yourself whether this meal for $7 looks yummy enough. The pork was amazing, I could have eaten bowls and bowls and bowls of it.

We also went to hawker markets in Chinatown and Maxwell Food Centre, and the food was just awesome and cheap, on average about $5. You can understand why the Singaporeans love their food because it is so cheap and so good. I have never eaten so much in my life, and to be honest, I don’t think its going to stop on this trip. The Hainanese chicken rice is just gorgeous, and the Indian curry I had tonight was yummy, if not a little too spicy.

We also had the great fortune of being taken out to drink and a few drinks by Edd’s cousin Jason. We started at a place called LeVeL 33, a bar in the Marina Bay Financial Centre, and the view was breathtaking from up there, and the beer was well crafted (its the highest located brewery in a building in the world apparently). From there, we went to Club Street, and ate at a lovely French country restaurant, where we had some great tasting food, with a great duck confit, pate, snails, steak, and casserole. Jason, having lived in Singapore for many years, took us to places we wouldn’t have thought of going and I am very very grateful for that. It was a great night.

Lastly, I just thought I’d finish with the Singapore Sling had at Raffles. Nothing quite like having a drink where it was invented, even if the price was a little eye-watering. Then again, the finer things in life aren’t free, and you only live once. The aslo have this weird tradition of allowing you to eat peanuts out from their shells and throwing these onto the ground. No one else while we were there was doing this but we did — they did say to in their little card on the table, so why not? Certainly wouldn’t be doing that at home!

So, until next time, I’ll be eating my weight in delicious food and further exploring this wonderful city.