Chess Pieces — for the creative chess players

The standard game of chess has 6 types of pieces (I mean King, Queen, … Pawns). We try to increase our skills with one or the other of these pieces — some players use their knights quite well, while others are great with pawns or queen moves. Here are some ideas for chess pieces for the creative chess players.

  1. Crab — A crab is a variation of pawn. It moves zig-zag and moves only forward. It promotes to a rook. They are a little difficult to comprehend than pawns. You can try them when you reach the 5th stage of Halfchess.
  2. Galloping Knight— Galloping knight piece that can move 3.5 steps in the first move (just like pawns can advance two steps). Another variation to this piece can be to allow it to move 3.5 steps for first 3 or 5 moves.
  3. Furious Knight — This is a piece formed by combining the powers of the rook and knight. Just as Queen (or the furious lady on board) is a combination of powers of the rook and bishop.
  4. Furious Bishop — This is a piece formed by combining the powers of the bishop and the knight.

Do try these pieces on your chess board and suggest us if we should add one of them sooner to .

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