Geri’s chess variant

Can you make out what is the Chess variant being played in this pixar animation from 1997?

Yes — you can only view it on youtube :-)

We at Halfchess are always thinking up new chess variants and just came across this particular one. Watching the video will give you the context to the post.





Geri’s chess variant is a game of chess played against yourself.

While in reality there is no name to playing chess against yourself and it is not really a variant — some might argue. But if Pluto was ever a planet, Geri’s chess is still a variant. To be honest, I just wanted to give that a name and make a humorous blog out of the video.

But taking the idea forward — I wonder if we did this digitally and were allowed to make a move against ourselves, spaced apart every month.

One thing which is likely to happen is that we would finally know how predictable and boring we really are, and maybe stop pretending to be the cool-aid kids of the block.

If you space it apart every year, end game would have an entirely different meaning.

Or if we could battle the drunk us to the sober us; or the Sunday mid-day us to the Wednesday mid-day us. Perhaps, particularly in Europe, such a stat would lead to an argument that having Wednesday as a holiday would increase productivity. And we can have 3.5 day weeks in Europe.

Hope you enjoyed this post inspired by the Pixar video. But I am hoping for more than that. Please chip in with some fun responses to :-

  1. Which of your two states would you like to pit against each other? For example, drunk vs sober.
  2. Do you remember playing Geri’s chess ever (playing against yourself) — when was that?

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