Popular chess variations in 2017

Half Chess is a chess variation played on a smaller chess board. The boards have same number of ranks (rows), but the files can be four to six in number.

4x8 Halfchess in Action

The chess is much simpler and involves lesser strategy. It is supposed to be played at a much faster pace. Deep thinking & tactical skills are encouraged in Halfchess.

Color chess is a colorful twist to the game of chess. Opponents exert influence on each other moves — ie. if the first player plays on a yellow colored square, the opponent must also play a piece to the yellow colored square. There is more in the video.

Its simpler than the original game of chess — as every turn is broken into two moves. The first of the two moves, has limited options, because we are matching the color. For the second move, we probably would gain maximum advantage by going greedy (I am assuming this — have never really played the game).

If you know any other unique chess variations that have been recently developed — please share them with me on twitter @navalsaini or as comments on this post.

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