Space-Invaders Chess

Naval Saini
Aug 7, 2017 · 3 min read

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Space Invaders

Click above to play against 10 Pawns, which turned out to be my level. Scroll down to choose your challenge — how many space invaders would you fight? Scroll down to see how to setup li-chess before playing.

The 13-Pawn board is balanced with Stockfish. I think its harder to play with the black pawns VS playing with the white queen. In either case, it is an end-game variation and very thought intensive. I will be playing the Queen first and reduce a Pawn each time I lose — and determine my game level.

We also have a local Indian name for the game. The Indian name is ‘कुत्तों की फौज’ (an army of dogs) — based on Bollywood movies where a hero takes on a large number of goons.


Note: After opening one of the below links, you will have to setup LiChess. This is a few steps — so scroll down and open a link first.

> Start by opening one the chess links (in boxes, below).

> Setup Li-chess to play against the computer by following these steps.

a. Enable the green toggle button to download stockfish engine for browser.

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Enable Green Toggle

b. Setup interface to hide hints when playing against the computer.

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Setup interface

Leaving enable on gives me a quick feedback on weather my move was good or bad.

c. Instruct computer to make a move by clicking button with this icon (placed on the lower right side).

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Find this button and click to play against the computer

Now we are ready to play against the computer


Playing against 11 Pawns

… for pros

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That was my strategy too

Playing against 10 Pawns

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This turned out to be my level.

Playing against 9 Pawns

… for street fighters

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Violence is acceptable… only on a chessboard

Playing against 8 Pawns

If you can think of a more locally ‘apt’ name for your language or country, share this on your wall with that local name.

If you liked this curation of an unknown chess variation, also try out Halfchess (trial web version). It has a two player mode that you can use to challenge your friends after you have battled a few rounds with the computer.

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A variation of chess played on half of the board.

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