Top 5 Reasons for you to play Chess

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Chess is one of the most ancient game in the strategy league. Without delving further into the mind-numbing details and arguments of where it started and who the pop stars in it are, let’s dive into why one should consider playing it. We do know it does not give us abs, skin complexion or biceps.


1.Chess increases growth of dendrites

What the hell are dendrites? Great question if you don’t already know. Dendrites are neural receptors and emitters of signals between your neural cells and prefrontal cortex in the brain. With an increased number of dendrites within your brain, neural communication within the brain is rapid. Which automatically implies enhanced and efficient functioning of the brain. Challenging interactions are the fuel for dendrite growth.

2.Enhances both left and right sides of the brain

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Neither can exist without the other

Studies have proven that both sides of the brain are enhanced due to the game play involved during chess. The game is a disco party of both visual and analytical entities. There is an assessment of spaces within the game (right side) followed by an analysis of your moves and also your opponent’s (left side).

3.Answers the question “Do smart people play chess or does chess make people smart?”

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Rhetorical questions are complicated to answer

Chess is proven to increase IQ and cognitive abilities. Students belonging to the age groups of 6–13 across India were put in chess training schedules and were subjected to the Binet-Kamat Test of Intelligence. There was a significant rise in the IQ of about 80 students who participated in the tests within just 5 months of scrutiny. The question stated above is also probably answered.

4.Builds the wonder of the world called confidence (exaggerated joke)

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Games and sporting are considered to be cliché manufacturers of confidence. However confidence however common it is, is in fact quite uncommon. We always see people fumbling words around and not making cold shoulder approaches etc,. It is said that within the game of chess’ 3rd move, you have 9 million unique lines of play. Imagine winning such games over and over again, that could either make you an arrogant prick or boost your self-confidence! Chess is not really a teamwork oriented game, when you loose, you take the fall alone and take into consideration what went long. This does boost self esteem and confidence.

5.Prevents malicious gangs from invading your hood (brain)

People are affected with an array of illnesses before and after old age. Dementia, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s are a few names. Doctors usually recommend mentally engaging activities to combat these diseases. After all it is not just your body that needs to hit the gym to stay fit, your brain does too. Since there have been no physical means of getting your brain to do pull ups and work a bench press you can make do with chess. (jokes) Use it or lose it before you turn 60!

Hope you found this amusing and informative, please feel free to comment.


A variation of chess played on half of the board.

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