Goal Line: The Mobile Video Marketing Play — Part 1 of 5

This following 5 part series is going to go into depth as to how to create and or outsource video content for you to post on social media all from your phone...

For today we are going to discuss video content creation from your phone and some really cool apps that you can download that will really help you out


Video is the hottest form of media on the internet today. They say, “Video Killed the Radio Star”, but it has been slowly destroying text-based media for decades. Books, magazines, newspapers, and now written websites are slowly losing traffic to video-based sites like YouTube and Daily Motion…

It’s a very good idea to start taking advantage of this form of media now. It can be used for many different things for your business. You can use it to generate leads by sending viewers to a squeeze page. You can use it to get traffic or search engine rankings. You can use it to get sales. You can even use it to brand your name or your company’s name. Most importantly though, is Storytelling…

In this report, I’m going to show you some of the best ways to use video marketing for your business. I will show you how to get quality videos made cheaply, how to submit those videos efficiently, and how to ensure they get a lot of views that translate into visitors….

There are two ways to get traffic from video marketing. For one thing, video marketing is a great way to get something you control ranked well in Google. Google really loves videos, especially on YouTube. If you create a video based on a keyword and submit it to YouTube, there is a good chance it could rank on the first page….

Another way video can benefit your business is by helping to establish you as an expert in you niche. This is easy to do if you create high-quality videos that are full of good information. If people can see you presenting things in an intelligent manner, they will believe you really know what you’re talking about.

There are three main secrets of video marketing.

  1. Creation of Quality Videos
  2. Submission
  3. Promotion

Most people skip that last part, but it’s very critical that you promote your videos. This will bring a lot more viewers to your videos, which will eventually mean even MORE views.

Let’s get started talking about creating videos. This is the first step. You’re going to have to either create them yourself, or outsource them. I’ll give you some tips for doing either.

Video Creation

I encourage you to learn how to make your own videos. If you’re going to be branding yourself as an expert in your niche, it is a very good idea for you personally to appear in your videos. Even if you are too shy to appear on camera, it’s a good idea to use your own voice in your videos. This will help solidify you as an expert in the niche more than if you use various voice actors in your videos, or worse, if you use only music.

There are three main ways to create videos:

  1. You can film the videos using a standard video camera and transfer them to your computer, or you can use a webcam. These methods are both “live action” video methods.
  2. Film your video on your phone, and use video editing apps to edit the final product. You will be limited to some extent to buy just using your phone. However, you can still produce a high-quality video that is inexpensive financially to create. All it takes is time and repetitions
  3. You can create the videos directly on your computer using a slideshow format or screen recording.

It is preferable that you shoot live action video whenever possible. This type of video is the kind that is most interesting to viewers, and it will be much more likely to go viral than video created directly on your computer. If you don’t know how to create a high-quality video, then here are a few apps that you can download on your phone to help teach you the basics of film making

  1. Folktale (iPhone only available in the app store)
  2. Director (iPhone and Android — Owned by Google)

These apps are “Film Directors in Your Pocket”. Meaning, they have templates that you can select that will show you on screen illustrations what kinds of shots to film for your videos. Basically, a storyboard. I use Folktale for the most part. Mainly because of the easy user-friendly interface and fun experience. There are some limitations to what you can do exactly through these apps in the way of editing, but they will serve you as a tool to help you learn what kinds of shots to look for when you use the video mode on your camera.

Everyone has a phone these days, and mobile phone cameras are always getting more sophisticated with every model that’s brought out. You can create a high-quality video using an iPhone 6+ or 7+ or any high-end android phone. What if you’re too shy to appear or even speak on camera. This is completely okay, but you will have to accept the fact that your videos might not be quite as effective as they would be if you created live videos.

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint (Slideshow with Voice Overs)
  2. Camtasia
  3. iMovie (Desktop & Mobile)
  4. Filmora GO (Desktop & Mobile)

There are many more programs out there on the market place and at the end of the day you should choose one that you enjoy using and find user friendly

With PowerPoint, you can create slideshow-style presentations from static images that you can add music to and export to video. It’s a very simple process, and the videos are nice quality.

With Camtasia, you can do the same thing, or you can record the actions that you perform on your computer. This is called screen recording, and it is especially useful if you want to create videos that show how to do things on the internet or with a computer.

iMovie and Filmora Go can both be downloaded for free on mobile and used in a very similar way to Camtasia. However, you will be limited to some of the things you could normally do on a PC. I’ve included these because iMovie mobile is the editing suite I use for most of my video content. It will take some time to learn it and find all the features, but once you discover the format and style of what your content would look like, then you will eventually get quicker and quicker and putting the finishing touches together. Filmora has a PC version called “Wondershare” which I used if I want to add overlays and alphas that require the background to be set to transparent over the top of the video being played. The PC version is a paid version.

Either methods are acceptable, and you should use the method that is better suited to your niche.

You may prefer to outsource your video production. This will be easier in some niches than others. You may not be able to easily find someone to create videos showing people how to play piano or perfect their golf swing, but you could easily find someone to do screen recordings of how to make a header graphic or how to submit a site to Yahoo.

The cost of video production can vary from $10 for a very simple slideshow-style video of 15–30 seconds up to several hundred dollars for a full-fledged, live-action video with actors and voice. For video marketing purposes, I recommend getting videos with voice over and the very least. While you may not always need live action, you really do need a voice actor to make videos interesting.

You can find someone to create a very inexpensive video at:

  1. http://www.warriorforum.com
  2. http://www.upwork.com

Be sure to ask for samples before you order, because quality can vary significantly from producer to producer. Also, don’t pay more than 50% upfront in case you don’t like the quality or you get stiffed. Also take the time to interview your prospective freelancer first via Skype

Stay tuned for the next edition where we will dive deeper into video submissions….

See you on the field,

Jason Hunt