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Letter sent on Feb 4, 2017

Sometimes we suck.

Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we have bad ideas. Sometimes our lives become miniature train wrecks. Other times a full-blown catastrophe.

It’s easy to begin to feel inadequate. Isn’t it?

Well, here’s the deal.

You could take the easy way. Start believing in your inadequacy and label yourself a loser. Eat, sleep, and then drag yourself to work in the morning. Put in the minimum to keep from getting fired. Make just enough to keep the lights on and maybe feed yourself with a six-pack from time to time. Say no to anything risky and play it safe. No one gets excited when we show up and no one is sad when we leave. Put it on cruise and zone out.


When the world gives you hell, you can decidedly give it the finger. Pick up your things and moving forward. Keep pushing. Keep trying. Throw around bad ideas like it’s your job, because eventually a great one will stick. Then, find your will, make a way and go for it. When the end of the road comes, the world still may not remember much of you, but your mark, however large or small, will have been made. A permanent testament to the fact that you were here.

Up to you. Every day like clockwork the choice must be made.

Choose wisely.

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