The Angels’ Candle

Darryl Willis
Hallow Literary
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2 min readDec 3, 2022


Photo by Max Beck on Unsplash

What a surprise to discover
a shameless God, wholly other —
who does the unthinkable, irresponsible,
the foolish and impossible:
to choose heroes from among
unvoiced, the weak, or the poor —
scarlet ciphers in the sand,
strangers in a foreign land,
or on a tiny plot
overrun and caught
between the principalities.

What a surprise to discover
a shameless God who saves
those uncovered, unprotected
often broken and neglected.
Who lift their hands and their voices
who cry out for true justice;
in Shiloh for what’s been denied,
in Ramah for those who have died,
for those who live by others’ whims,
wear contradictions on their hems:
foreigners, widows, and childless mothers.

What a surprise to discover
Hannah, Susanna, a virgin mother
embracing what they’re called to carry,
placing lives in others’ hands,
facing what the law demands,
Placing all their hope and trust
on this shame-less-blame-less God
who always seems to pause and wait
to rescue from the jaws of hate.

What a surprise to discover
hints supplied through holy others:
messengers who bear witness
that the story is not finished.
The One-Who-Rescues is not far
although it seems the way is barred.
The One-Who-Sees knows our pain
and sheds tears through pouring rain
to mark the moment, to acknowledge
The One-Who-Hears still is God.

What a surprise to discover
the name of a blame-less God
who bears the shame
who breaks the rod
to spare the child.
The one who keeps, the one who saves,
who rescues us from the grave:
the shame-less one,
the blame-less one
the holy one of Israel.
This God, Yah who Saves.



Darryl Willis
Hallow Literary

Has worked in non-profits for 40 years and is currently a Regional Director for an international non-profit. He holds an MA in Biblical text.