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Achieving Leapfrog Development through HOSWAP on Binance Smart Chain

Financial institutions are necessary media for those who want to get access to traditional financial services, which are based on a cumbersome process. These potential frictions all add up the cost for value to flow in the existing financial system.

To address the frictions, a more distributed, stable, and boundless financial system is created by HALO Network through DeFi technology based on the discovered pain spots in existing business forms in the financial world. Thus, users can enjoy a higher level of transparency and security.

In particular, providing the core DeFi value of HALO Network, HOSWAP is open to all users in the crypto world with lower financial service costs. Through this swap, a digital economy is established for value to flow freely given low costs and high efficiency in terms of trading.

Building a Multi-chain Ecosystem

Based on its DeFi advantages, HOSWAP on Binance Smart Chain boasts the same decentralized value system as that on HALO Network. It is equipped with innovative features such as the one-click token issuance, the trading model combining both AMM&HMM, as well as the parallel operation of multiple blockchains. All these features are achieved through cross-chain technologies and HO, the ecosystem passport.

In the future, the features mentioned above will allow the BSC-based HOSWAP to be widely applied in DeFi lending, assets management, and stablecoin development for DAO and DEX. In this way, a multi-chain ecosystem can be created through the extended influence of HALO Network to Binance Smart Chain.

Powering DeFi Development through Aggregated Liquidity

Asset liquidity is important for both the traditional financial industry and the crypto economy. It is difficult for a market to grow vigorously without liquidity.

The introduction of HOSWAP on Binance Smart Chain enables value to be connected in both the HALO Network and Binance Smart Chain ecosystems. In this case, the DeFi ecosystem of HALO Network will witness increased liquidity with HOSWAP being a stronger DeFi leader, which will bring more financial opportunities to users in the ecosystem.

Generating More Value in HALO Network with Various Tools

The BSC-based HOSWAP has been totally redesigned on top of the one in HALO Network, to generate more value in the DeFi ecosystem with strengthened security, stability, and diversity.

From the technical perspective, HOSWAP on Binance Smart Chain features a complete MM system formed by AMM and HMM nodes. Through this system, users can capture crypto dividends in the HALO Network ecosystem. Meanwhile, liquidity in the DeFi sector can be increased through new oracle technologies of the swap. Therefore, funds will be utilized more efficiently to realize the rapid flow of value within the ecosystem.

The well-developed HOSWAP on Binance Smart Chain is easy-to-use for developers who can deploy their applications in a short time, supported by development components including the one-click token issuance, IDO, liquidity pools, the data visualization service, and community support. These will make development easier for them to build a more enriched DeFi sub-ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain.

The core position of HOSWAP in the DeFi system is strengthened with innovative technologies and an enriched ecosystem, after being launched on Binance Smart Chain. At the same time, global users are provided with endless DeFi dividends generated by its high level of security, liquidity, and yielding rate. In this case, crypto wealth in the DeFi sector can be redistributed from its root. Even retail investors can allocate their assets to discover unique investment targets in the swap.

Contributing to the Full Rise of the HALO Network Ecosystem

HALO Network is self-evolving alongside the changing crypto sector for more breakthroughs. With the help of the BSC-based HOSWAP, a DeFi community sharing enormous value can be formed to inject greater liquidity into HALO Network, bringing its user base to the next level. In the end, the network token value will skyrocket based on established infrastructures providing all-round services in the network.



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HALO Network

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