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Announcement: 1:1 HOR Airdrop Rewards Distribution Completed for HALO POS Node Stakers

The distribution of HOR airdrop rewards for those users staking HO in HALO POS Node has been successfully completed.

The HOR airdrop quantity is 1:1 ratio of HO staked quantity in HALO POS Node.

Snapshot dates: August 2 to September 22, 2021

Add the following contract address in your wallet via custom token option if you don’t see the HOR tokens:


For any questions, join HALO Network’s community and discussion group at https://t.me/halonetwork

September 28, 2021



HALO Network is an efficient blockchain network system. It provides one-stop integration of DeFi application level with decentralized, energy efficient and low-cost transaction structure with traditional financial instruments.

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