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Announcement: Airdrop Rewards Distribution and Other Information

  • The airdrop rewards distribution for the HOR Airdrop Round 2 has been successfully completed on July 24, 2021. Round 3 of the HOR airdrop will be launched this coming August.
  • An HOR airdrop will be conducted for those users who are staking HO on the POS Node on a 1:1 ratio before the official launch of HOSWAP. The exact date will be announced at a later time.
  • The HOSWAP public beta test has been officially launched. Users holding HO have been airdropped 10,000 U-T and 10,000 H-T test tokens. Users can use these test tokens to participate in the HOSWAP beta testing version.

Here are the contract addresses of the test tokens:

  • H-T: 0x25e12C162EA71117Ea551f351cd41aE4bc674e5E
  • U-T: 0x92987eDbc9E48b91413348aBc422399E9333fe96

July 28, 2021



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