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Announcement: Hashpay Wallet v3.1.4 Update

Hashpay Wallet has been updated to version 3.1.4. Kindly restart Hashpay Wallet to update. After completing the update, please clear your cache to experience the newest features.

The changelog of this update is as follows:

  • Optimized pagination
  • Added “delete” function to remove any unwanted token at homepage

March 4, 2021

HALO Network is fully-supported in Hashpay Wallet with no RPC configuration needed.

Hashpay wallet is a decentralized wallet dedicated to HALO Network, which allows users to use the HALO Network directly without the need to setup RPC.

HashPay supports multi-chain wallet management. User can manage their manage assets such as BTC, ETH, HT, BNB, etc. easily.

Hashpay wallet is developed with optimal risk control system. It has a total wallet protection inclusive offline signing, which supports hardware & cold wallet with less network risk and extra safety.

The Hashpay wallet is built-in with HALO network dApp, the intuitive UI/UX allow users to toggle between the HALO Network dApps easily and quickly through the wallet.

Download Hashpay wallet at http://hashpaywallet.com/.



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