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Announcement: Locked Contracts Plan A

Thanks to the efforts of communication with the large HO position holders. We have now agreed on Contract Lockout Plan A where HALO Labs will lock out the HO of the relevant accounts in a unified manner.

  • Total locked position: 1809850.1214
  • Lockout address: 0xBDb9B83398afa35B52B66c415ef2fFAFef728abC
  • Unlocking method: There will be no unlocking within 90 days from the date of lockout. After that, 1% will be released every 7 days.

After this round of lockout, the circulating volume is less than 350,000 HO except POS nodes. HALO Labs will continue the progression of lockout plan B to complete the control of the circulating volume.

HALO Labs thanks the community for their great support!

July 6th, 2021




HALO Network is an efficient blockchain network system. It provides one-stop integration of DeFi application level with decentralized, energy efficient and low-cost transaction structure with traditional financial instruments.

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HALO Network

HALO Network

HALO Infinite Financial System: Illuminate the Infinity of Blockchain

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