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Bringing Win-Win Opportunities to the Crypto Industry through HALO Network

In the recent descriptions of HALO Network, “explosive growth” seems to be a frequent word since the network experienced a new upgrade, establishing strategic partnerships with multiple wallets. Also, HALO Network created a cross-chain borderless DeFi ecosystem. All these big moves gave new development expectations to people. At the same time, HALO Network has further expanded its roadmap recently, enabling people to be more imaginative for the next big explosion of the project.

Achieving Multi-Chain Coordination for Different Applications

As a new public chain of high value, HALO Network is more open in its underlying design, which is more like a “crypto Lego” in essence. With strong accessibility and compatibility, supported by a cross-chain bridge, multi-chain coordination can be easily achieved through the network.

In order to further the building of the public chain, HALO Network utilizes its “crypto Lego” feature with the idea to build a borderless ecosystem to carry out cooperation of different applications in various sectors of the crypto industry.

Building a Strong Consensus by Partnering with Different Wallets

As an important link for blockchain infrastructures, wallets are the most important and fastest tool for directing traffic flow in the blockchain world. They are also indispensable infrastructures in the entire ecosystem. Considering providing users with more convenient digital asset management services to meet their asset management needs for convenient and efficient cross-chain interactions, HALO Network cooperated with Hashpay, imToken, MetaMask, and TP wallet. Apart from those wallets, the network has established deep cooperation with the other three innovative wallets.


Bitkeep is a cross-chain wallet that supports interactions in Web3.0, aiming to build a blockchain bridge for users based on DAO governance as its development concept. The cooperation between HALO Network and Bitkeep will further extend HALO’s own Web3.0 layout, becoming an important driving force for the Web3.0 revolution.


ONTO is a multi-functional wallet serving as your crypto assistant. Apart from ultimate security, users will be updated with industry news as well as popular projects for them to quickly understand the market. In addition to the cooperation with ONTO at the application level, HALO Network also hosted an ONTO & HALO Network token drop where users could split USDT and ONG rewards based on HO holdings, up to a total of $11,500!

Through the chain effect generated by the strategic cooperation, ONTO will attract potential user groups, while HALO Network will further improve its user activity achieving a win-win situation in the ecosystem.

KIK Wallet

KIK Wallet functions as both a wallet and a digital asset management platform. In addition to its basic functions, the wallet provides users with differentiated functions such as social communication and encrypted group chat. As an innovative wallet, KIK Wallet has some coupling with innovative public chain HALO Network, so a deep cooperation has been created between those two projects. With the cooperation, user experience in KIK Wallet and the HALO Network ecosystem can be brought to another level.

In order to make full use of the differentiated social communication features provided by KIK Wallet, HALO Network established a global consensus community on KIK Wallet, launching a 1000HO red envelope airdrop within the community to mobilize the community atmosphere through the airdrop.

The collaboration with BitKeep, ONTO and KIK Wallet will achieve “consensus synergy” from the application layer and value layer, which will enable HALO Network to strengthen its brand with improved services for users in the ecosystem during the new development stage.

Supporting the sustainable deflation of HO through Starfish OS

Starfish OS, as an ecosystem that integrates games, NFT, DAO, and DeFi, bridges value to the Web3.0 world.

HALO Network has formed a deep partnership with Starfish OS to explore its Web3.0 layout. In addition, Starfish OS has made an active ecosystem impact by adding HO burning scenarios (i.e., a user needs to spend his 25% of HO to mine) to help HO continue to be deflationary.

Given HALO Network’s optimized services through cooperation with those wallets, the partnership between the network and Starfish OS will expand the value growth room of HALO Network token HO.

Consolidating Resources by Joining the Alliance

PEGO Network, also an innovation public chain, has established a consensus alliance connecting ecosystems to promote mutual empowerment and progress between different ecosystems through resource integration. This can eventually contribute to great ecosystem growth. Since its inception, HALO Network has been adhering to the development concept of building a boundless ecosystem for continuously expanding the coverage of the network in the crypto space. In this sense, HALO Network and PEGO Network share the same development vision. As a result, HALO Network successfully entered the selected project section of the alliance.

HALO Network’s joining into the alliance will push the growth of DeFi public chains to a new height, promoting the sustainable development of HALO Network ecosystem. In the end, new rules will be formed to foster a new kind of economy in a new world consisting of autonomous DeFi networks in the Web3.0 era!

Creating a Public Chain with Ultimate Security

The cooperation with different ecosystems and applications make HALO Network valuable with high flexibility. However, security is also the top priority for the network.

In order to provide users with a fully secure and stable public chain ecosystem, HALO Network has established a strategic partnership with Lunaray, a world-renowned audit firm. Lunaray provides a full range of security services to ensure HALO Network security. With Lunaray’s high-quality services, possible risks and dangers are eliminated fundamentally in the network so that innovations and iterations can be launched in the public chain ecosystem under the premise of security.


The explosive growth of HALO Network redefines the concept of DeFi public chain. However, as a borderless decentralized ecosystem, the outstanding functions and development room of HALO Network are by no means limited to the DeFi public chain sector.

In the future, HALO Network will establish in-depth cooperations with more ecosystems. In this way, resources can be integrated to promote the development of the entire crypto space. Also, the team will seek new sectors of high growth potential in the space, introducing new services, functions, and innovative applications, bringing new vitality to the industry!



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