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HALO Community and Stars Community: What You Need To Know

HALO Network shows its community-driven side through the HALO Community module. Here, community members are incentivized to establish connections within the blockchain. Despite the good intentions and the benefits at stake, not many know how to get involved.

In this piece, we are outlining how you can become a part of the HALO community, enjoying the gains attached while supporting a worthy cause.

Becoming A Member Of The HALO Community

To be a HALO Community member is relatively straightforward. New members have to come through a referral system that entails having a validated HALO Community member activate their membership. Here’s how you become a HALO Community member:

1) Access The DApp

Proceed to HALO Network mainnet through here.

2) Locate HALO Community

Use the drop-down menu to find the HALO Community module. Click the tab, and you’re only a few clicks from becoming a HALO Community member.

3) Activation

Once on the HALO Community module, use the ‘Copy’ button to get your community key. Send the key to an existing community member for activation.

This approach ensures bad actors are prevented from infiltrating the community while supporting the decentralization bid of the blockchain.

Enter The Stars Community

Progressing into the Stars Community requires you to pledge HO tokens in the HALO POS node. The Stars Community is where the early adopters’ program of the blockchain is heavily incentivized. Any user looking to get multiple doses of airdrops can do so through the Stars Community. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

Activate Your Stars Community Membership

Compared to HALO Community, the HALO Stars Community is more heavily incentivized, but it’s only available to those that pledge HO tokens on the POS node.

Activating your Stars Community membership is more than just getting a validated community member to confirm your registration. You need to pledge HO tokens to gain access to the perks of Stars Community. If you are yet to pledge your HO tokens, follow this link to a guide on that.

Here are the steps to activating your Stars Community membership:

  1. Access The DApp

Use the dApp browser of your phone to access HALO Network mainnet. Entering halo.land in your dapp works.

2) Locate Stars Community

Find the Stars Community module by selecting Ecosystem from the list of options. It shouldn’t be difficult to locate HALO Stars Community amongst other ecosystems on the list.

3) Activate Stars Community Membership

Next, you have to activate your Stars Community membership. Click the ‘Activates Community’ tab. If you pledged HO tokens, your membership will be activated. As always you need to have some HO tokens for gas fees. Fortunately, the fees are much lower than most chains.

On activating your Stars Community membership, you get to stay informed on your HO tokens pledged as well as rewards accrued.

Claiming Stars Community Reward

Being a Stars Community member has its perks — you get community rewards as well as airdrops. You can claim the community reward by following the steps below:

1) Visit The HALO Network Mainnet

Using the dApp browser of your crypto wallet, enter the HALO Network mainnet on halo.land.

2) Find The Stars Community

The Ecosystem section houses the Stars Community. So if you’re looking to claim your reward, this is the route to follow.

3) Claim Reward

Once on the Stats Community page, claiming your reward gets easier — you’re just one click away from getting the freebie.

Use the dazzling ‘Claims’ button to collect your reward.

Difference Between Stars Community Membership And HALO Community Membership

There’s a world of difference between both community memberships. One offers an entry point for those not looking to commit HO tokens, while the other gives access to the full range of benefits.

With a HALO Community membership, you get to connect to other community members. Those in this category are the next in line when community members are incentivized — second only to Stars Community members.

Members of the Stars Community do put in more than effort — they pledge HO tokens for the growth of the blockchain. This explains why they get all the benefits compared to those in the HALO Community. Incentivizing Stars Community members is certainly a good idea. Pledging a minimum of 100 HO tokens — a requirement for Stars Community membership — is no mean feat.

Besides the claimable reward, Stars Community members get first access to airdrops from projects building on HALO Network. With the blockchain providing a more robust framework for DeFi protocols, you can expect these airdrops to be worthwhile.


HALO Community is HALO Network’s attempt to engender decentralization, rewarding community connections without exposing budding projects on the blockchain to Sybil attack.

Both community memberships — HALO and Stars — will improve the efficiency of the blockchain while giving members a sense of belonging.

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