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HALO Network 2.0 Pledging Tutorial

After the upgrade to HALO Network 2.0, the pledging method has been adjusted and there are two major functions now for pledging: POS Node and Stars Community.

POS Node Staking Tutorial

POS Node is a way for users to participate in POS mining. By pledging HO, users can obtain the voting rights of governance proposals and super nodes. Users can obtain super node block rewards by pledging HO and voting for super nodes.

The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to stake on the POS Node final version.

Step 1: Accessing the HALO POS Node page

Go to https://halo.land and on the menu, click Governance and open POS Node. You can also access the following direct link: https://halo.land/#/pos

If you have staked in the POS Node before, you will get a prompt to redeem or upgrade your staked HO assets. Click the Redeem button to redeem your assets. If your total asset is more than 100 HO, you will see the Upgrade button, which you can click to directly pledge your HO to the POS Node Final.

Step 2: Pledging HO

Click the Pledge button to stake your HO.

Select Pledge period: 180 days, 80% pledge or 360 days, 120% pledge

Enter the desired amount of HO you want to stake in the Pledge quantity. HO amount should be at least 100 HO for you to be able to pledge.

Click the Pledge Now button to continue.

Approve the transaction by clicking Confirm in the MetaMask wallet transaction popup window.

After successfully pledging your HO, you will your pledged power and your vote. My pledged power is 80% or 120% of your staked HO depending on the duration selected for pledging. Vote is the number of HO tokens you had pledged.

To claim staking rewards, just click the Claims button.

How To Activate Stars Community

The Stars Community is a community reward program based on POS nodes. HALO Labs will promote different tokens within the HALO ecosystem to reward airdrops to community consensus holders who meet the target .The reward is based on the amount of HO pledges by the user’s community.

To activate Stars Community, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Go to https://halo.land and click Stars Community under Eco-System. You can also go to the following direct link: https://halo.land/#/starsCommunity

Step 2: Click the Activates Community button and then approve the transaction by clicking Confirm in the MetaMask wallet transaction popup window.

The Stars Community page will show a different page once activated. You will see the total pledge HO on HALO Mainnet and the total pledged HO of your community. And below that, you will see your rewards stats where you can claim your Stars Community rewards.


  • Pledging on HALO Network 2.0 requires actions to be done on 2 modules.
  • Users need to go to POS Node to pledge their HO tokens.
  • Activate Stars Community to activate community pledging power. Only when the Stars Community is activated, the community pledging power becomes effective.



HALO Network is an efficient blockchain network system. It provides one-stop integration of DeFi application level with decentralized, energy efficient and low-cost transaction structure with traditional financial instruments.

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