HALO Network 2022 Year-In-Review

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8 min readJan 3, 2023

It has been a tumultuous year for crypto space. From the Luna madness to the FTX mayhem, 2022 was quite a year for everyone. While most crypto projects suffered fallouts from the bear market situation, few like HALO Network weathered the storm. Let us take a look at some of the highlights of HALO Network’s growth in 2022.

HO Accepted for Cosmic Blind Boxes

HALO Network entered 2022 with the positive news of its native token being accepted for Cosmic Blind Boxes NFTs sales. This use case for the token is the outcome of the collaboration between the public chain, Cosmic, and NebuDAO.

With that development, players can use their HO tokens to purchase the Cosmic Blind Boxes.

Handling Fee Changes

Still in January 2022, HALO Network reviewed the chain’s handling fee downwards.

The reduction in fee from 1 HO to 0.1 HO was a massive 90% discount, which is something the ecosystem participants appreciate.

HOSWAP NFT Trading Platform Under Construction

In January 2022, the much-anticipated work on the HOSWAP NFT trading platform began.

This has always been part of HALO Network’s plan for the decentralized exchange, so it was no surprise it was well received by the community.

HOSWAP Launched on BNB Smart Chain

One of HALO Network’s big moments in 2022 was the launch of its decentralized exchange, HOSWAP on the BNB Smart Chain.

The launch, which took place in February 2022, offers another route to expanding the public chain’s ecosystem to as many potential users as possible.

Strategic Partnership with ZEED Labs

In February 2022, HALO Network entered a strategic partnership with ZEED, a reputable platform in the DeFi and NFT space.

The collaboration with ZEED deepened the HALO Network ecosystem’s capacity as far as NFTs and DeFi are concerned.

HO Listed on Coingecko

HALO Network’s native token, HO, got listed on Coingecko in February 2022.

By getting its native token indexed on Coingecko, the public chain lets users keep track of the token’s activity. It’s also great for the visibility of the ecosystem.

Strategic Partnership with Haglien and RedrubyDAO

In March 2022, HALO Network entered a strategic partnership with Haglien and RedrubyDAO. The collaboration with Haglien, a web3 platform with a Konami connection, gives HALO Network’s effort in that area a much-needed boost.

With RedrubyDAO, a revolutionary philanthropic platform, HALO Network hopes to leverage RedrubyDAO’s popularity (it’s owned by Taylor Swift) in bringing some attention to the public chain.

More POS Node Cycles Added

March 2022 saw the addition of more POS Node Cycles after a poll supporting the increase.

The introduction of new node cycles is expected to improve the stability of the system.

One-Click Token Issuance Module Introduced

The highly requested One-click token issuance module was launched in March 2022. With this feature, dapps can have personalized HORC-20 tokens without any gridlock.

The open-source code deployed for this feature allows the community to make contributions where necessary.

Partnership with Kyberdyne

In April, HALO Network entered a strategic partnership with Kyberdyne, a blockchain game from an AAA game studio.

The collaboration got the public chain some attention, but there’s a lot more expected.

HOS-IDO Genesis Pool Upgraded

April 2022 also brought changes to the HOS-IDO Genesis Pool through server adjustments.

The upgrade was expected to improve the genesis pool to serve users better.

HBG Mintable

While the rest of the crypto space got rattled by the Terra/Luna crash in May 2022, HALO Network announced the HALO Bridge governance token, HBG.

Minting of HBG took place in May with huge expectations for the decentralized HALO Bridge.

HOSWAP Genesis Pool Closed

Since the HOSWAP genesis pool has outlived its usefulness, the announcement of the closure of the pool in May 2022 came as no surprise to many.

Once concluded, the closure brought to an end the mining of HOS tokens.

HALO Bridge Token Audited

A smart contract audit for the newly minted HALO Bridge Token was done in May 2022.

Lunaray, a well-known blockchain security firm was hired to oversee the audit. The process involved the assessment of the codes of the bridge token.

Strategic Partnership with KIK Wallet, Starfish OS, and Pego Network

In May 2022, HALO Network entered strategic partnerships with KIK Wallet, Starfish OS, and Pego Network.

These collaborations help the ecosystem reach more users in need of a truly decentralized and efficient public chain.

HALO Network Got Supported on BitKeep Wallet

June 2022 came with support for HALO Network on BitKeep Wallet.

This allows users to access HALO Network ecosystem using a BitKeep Wallet.

HALO Block Explorer Upgraded

The explorer component of HALO Network got upgraded in June.

This latest upgrade consists of bug fixes and general performance improvement of the component.

HALO Network Supported on TokenPocket

In July, HALO Network received support for its ecosystem on TokenPocket.

With this development, users can navigate the public chain using TokenPocket.

HALO Explorer Upgraded

August 2022 ushered in an upgraded HALO Explorer page. The upgrade introduced diverse language support, allowing more users to navigate the explorer easier.

Lots of other features like optimized CSV exported data were included in this upgrade.

HALO-DeFi Derivatives Platform Launched

In August 2022, the HALO-DeFi derivatives platform was launched using HUSD as the stablecoin.

This platform launch is expected to usher in an array of derivative products.

Strategic Partnership with FaithLand, Oasis, and MetaPoint

In September 2022, HALO Network entered a strategic partnership with FaithLand, a metaverse ecosystem. The collaboration ensures more HALO Network dapps can expand to FaithLand.

The public chain also entered a collaboration with Oasis, another metaverse-focused project. It’s part of the many plans to make HALO Network ecosystem ideal for everything metaverse.

HALO Network also partnered with MetaPoint, a metaverse land protocol. This collaboration will optimize the chain for metaverse land plot management.

HALO Network Source Code Updated

In October 2022, the public chain’s source code got updated, introducing new features,

bug fixes, and more.

The 2022 HALO Hackathon Announced

The 2022 HALO Hackathon details were available to the public in October 2022.

The year-long event is expected to bring new, exciting projects to the limelight.

HALO Network Enters Deflationary Phase

In October, HALO Network ecosystem entered its deflationary phase.

This marks the end of HO block output, which will see a halt in HO mining.

HALO Network Node Election Launched

The long-awaited HALO Network node election took place in October.

It’s through this event that new nodes that meet the stipulated criteria get added to the public chain.

Strategic Partnership with BovineVerse

HALO Network entered a collaboration with BovineVerse, a gamefi project in October 2022.

This partnership adds some utility to the chain’s native token while improving its gamefi ecosystem.

Nodes Upgraded

In November 2022, HALO Network nodes were upgraded.

This upgrade to the nodes accounted for an improvement in the performance of the chain, letting user applications operate optimally.

POS 2.0 Adjustment Announced

December 2022 saw the announcement of the POS 2.0 adjustment.

Changes made to HALO Network POS 2.0 will deliver a more dynamic public chain with its many efficiency perks.

Strategic Partnership with FOGDAO, ALEO, and Fortune DAO

In December, HALO Network teamed up with FOGDAO, a decentralized community of security experts to elevate the security of the ecosystem.

That same month, HALO Network entered a strategic partnership with ALEO to allow the former access to physical mining machines. It’s expected that this will leave the ecosystem more financially secure.

The collaboration with Fortune DAO in December 2022 is poised to flourish the utility of the chain’s native token as more web3 games on the platform make the ecosystem their home.


2022 wasn’t the best for the crypto space, but these are the times when solid projects are identified. HALO Network weathered the storm impressively with lots of developments taking place in the background as confirmed by its 2022 activities. We can expect much more in 2023.

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