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HALO Network Development Recap — April 2022

Though April hasn’t impressed as far as price action is concerned, the likes of HALO Network have remained committed on the development front. This April makes it one year since HALO Network came into being, and the public chain has made substantial progress in delivering on its objectives. In this piece, we recap the developmental milestones reached by HALO Network in April 2022.

More Liquidity Pools Arrive HOSWAP BSC

Since the launch of HOSWAP BSC, there have been increased trading and liquidity mining activities on the DEX. The month of April came with good tidings in the addition of more liquidity pools such as ZEED pools and the RRB pools. With the introduction of these pools, you can stake ZEED/USDT LP tokens to earn $ZEED; stake ZEED/HO LP tokens to earn $HO; stake ZEED/HOS LP tokens to earn $HOS.

You can stake RRB/HO LP tokens to earn $RRB. Interestingly, you can trade these assets using the relevant trading pairs on the DEX.

Partnership With Kyberdyne

In April, HALO Network collaborated with Kyberdyne, a blockchain play-to-earn game. This partnership is expected to boost the prospects of the public chain in the gamefi niche. Kyberdyne, a project from the stable of an AAA game studio, plans to revolutionize gaming on the blockchain.

Kyberdyne is a blockchain deck-building game bringing innovative elements to the play-to-earn space. Being a product of the first metaverse game engine, Kyberdyne has the potential to improve the dynamics of blockchain gaming. HALO Network is bringing the deck-building game to the public chain, which will excite blockchain gamers on the chain, resulting in more activities on the network. Liquidity provision and other support measures will be provided Kyberdyne through the public chain’s instruments.

HOS-IDO Genesis Pool Upgrade

Another improvement made to the HALO Network ecosystem in April is the upgrade of the HOS-IDO Genesis pool. With the pool nearing its conclusion in the coming days, HALO Network has opted to upgrade the genesis pool to allow for the continued support of that service. This is in line with HALO Labs decision to continue to meet the needs of users despite the effort required.

The upgrade to the genesis pool commenced with the changes made to the server. With the server upgraded to support a more buoyant genesis pool, the public chain proceeded to improve the pool so it’s capable of delivering on the expectations of users. Though the slight delay in resolving the server meant users weren’t able to withdraw their yield, the issue got fixed in the end.

Cosmicc Public Testing

The long-awaited blockchain game built on HALO Network is upon us, heralded by the Cosmicc public testing held in April. This public testing is aimed at scrutinizing the blockchain game for bugs, so debugging is carried out swiftly.

Typical of any product on the blockchain, beta testing is needed and that explains the Cosmicc public testing.

Expectations For May

With the ongoing public testing of Cosmicc, the blockchain game is almost ready. Perhaps the month of May will see Cosmicc become fully operational on HALO Network. At the moment, trading of HALO NFTs on the marketplace is currently possible, there’s a lot more anticipated in May.

More blockchain games will leverage HALO Network’s infrastructure. HALO Network’s recent partnership with Kyberdyne is a pointer to what’s to come; the deck-building game plans to roll out an engaging virtual environment on the public chain, repositioning HALO Network’s place in the metaverse.

As HALO Network continues to expand through partnerships with other projects, liquidity pools will be added to HOSWAP. We should see more liquidity mining activities on HOSWAP BSC and the main DEX on HALO Network.

With transactions on HALO Network exceeding 7 million, the public chain is getting a lot of visibility. More projects are bound to collaborate with HALO Network for the benefit of both parties. We should see some of these collaborations in May as the public chain continues to support dapps being built on the public chain.


The month of April might have been lackluster as far as market sentiment is concerned, but HALO Network remains resolute in building a public chain that stands the test of time. Of course, things are proceeding much slower, but development continues nonetheless. The public chain has added more partnerships, and products while overhauling a few ecosystems to improve its offerings. Users will see the result of these enhancements in due time.



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