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HALO Network Clocks 1

Our heartfelt felicitations go out to the HALO Network community as the public chain clocks one. This is certainly worth celebrating as we look at HALO Network’s achievement in its one year of existence. It’s no mean feat in a heavily demanding crypto space. Here are some of the figures that paint a clear picture of just how far HALO Network has come in 365 days:

  • 6,000,000+ blocks
  • 100,000+ addresses
  • 6,000,0000 transactions conducted
  • 7,000,000 HO tokens staked

The Evolution Of HALO Network

HALO Network witnessed tremendous growth in just a year of its existence. The public chain’s holistic approach combined with the ever-supportive nature of the HALO Network community made this happen. Here’s a brief outline of the chain’s little wins in its first year:

Open-Source Code On Github

HALO Network’s open-source codebase became readily available on Github. This allows for transparency of the public chain’s developmental progress. (June 2021)

Node Pre-Upgrading

HALO Network proceeded on a pre-upgrading of nodes in preparation for the much-anticipated HPOS mining. (June 2021)

HALO Bridge v2.0 Launch

HALO Network’s hopes of catering to cross-chain transactions got a boost with the deployment and launch of HALO Bridge. Though the bridge is expected to support cross-chain transactions between multiple blockchains, operations kicked off with HALO Network — BSC cross-chain transactions. (June 2021)

POS Nodes Launched

The public chain launched its proof of stake (POS) node staking, allowing HO holders to put their assets to work, earning rewards for securing the chain. (June 2021)

HALO Network Hackathon

HALO Network continued the push for further development in the blockchain space through the organization of a richly rewarding hackathon. (July 2021)

The Public Beta Of The Eccentric DEX, HOSWAP Launched

HALO Network launched the public beta of its main decentralized exchange, powered by the chain’s DeFi capabilities, which should cater to the transactional needs of users.

HALO Network Passes First Audit Hurdle

The Public Chain’s first audit report gave the network a pass mark, which is considered the chain’s major litmus test as it prepares to deliver on its DeFi promises. (July 2021)

$HO Exchange Listing

$HO, the digital token of HALO Network got its first exchange listing on Hot Exchange, a crypto trading platform. (July 2021)

Binance-Peg HO (BSC-HO) Gets A Boost In Legitimacy

BSC-HO got verified on wallet provider, TokenPocket and the contract was authenticated by BSC Scan, which is necessary for the safety of users. (August 2021)

More Nodes Added

HALO Network’s growth continued in leaps and bounds, necessitating the addition of more nodes. This supports the public chain’s decentralization tenets while remaining efficient. (August 2021)

HOSWAP Went Live

HALO Network’s main DEX began operating fully, allowing users to trade assets in style thanks to its dual liquidity modes. (September 2021)

HOS Destruction Mining Pool Launched

Users participated in HOS destruction mining, locking up assets for a designated number of days and earning rewards in the process. (October 2021)

Upgrades And More Upgrades

To meet the surging demand without any outage in service, HALO Network continues to upgrade its ecosystems. The RPC nodes got upgraded to handle the rising needs of users, while the HALO Explorer got a boost allowing users easily find what they might be searching for. (October 2021)

LP Cross-Chain Function Launched

Truly supporting cross-chain activities on HALO Network led to the launch of LP cross-chain function. With this feature, users can put their LP tokens from other chains on the network. (November 2021)

More Nodes

In realizing its decentralization promises, HALO Network has continued to add more nodes. This reduces the security risk of using the public chain while allowing participants to operate in a truly decentralized environment. (November 2021)

HALO Network 2.0 Launch

Improving the perks of the POS nodes, HALO Network upgraded the ecosystem to its final version. This has a revamped reward system coupled with a more streamlined service. (December 2021)

Strategic Partnerships and The Future Of HALO Network

Within one year, HALO Network has collaborated with different projects in the crypto space and beyond. This has made the public chain the ideal chain for a vast array of dapps, opening the network to more users.

Though HALO Network has a DeFi-focused infrastructure capable of empowering the DeFi dapps, the blockchain looks ripe to support the growth of other facets, including GameFi and the metaverse. Partnerships with NebuDAO, BAT Protocol, Haglien, and others allow the public chain to achieve this vision.

HALO Network will continue on its proprietary cross-chain transactional support, offering a leeway for users across different chains to move assets safely. Though the vision started with only HALO Bridge supporting a few chains, the service will be expanded to support more chains. The speed of these cross-chain transactions will be made to match the intra-chain transfers, encouraging more users to leverage the attributes of the bridge without any ambiguous fees to worry about.

HALO Network’s evolution continues with the efficient running of its multi-diverse ecosystem, better interoperability, and fleshing out of the chain’s metaverse efforts. The public chain’s one-click token issuance feature (HORC-20) will become a major staple as the network gets populated with dapps.

There’s a lot in the works as HALO Network sets the stage for a truly efficient crypto space. We are excited about what the future holds as the public chain enters its second year of operation.



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