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HALO Network Development Recap — December 2021

The last month of the year came with a flutter of activities for HALO Network. While the public chain blared its horns regarding activities on the network, not everyone noticed.

This piece provides a recap of everything that went down for HALO Network in December 2021.

HALO Network 2.0 is here

It has been a long time coming, but the upgrade to HALO Network 2.0 finally took place in December 2021. The result is a more efficient blockchain as indicated by the boost in T/s from 1000 to 2000. Users can expect their favorite dApps on HALO Network to operate much faster, so less time is spent waiting for the conclusion of transactions on that chain. There’s also the cost-effectiveness side of this upgrade: gas fees will drop lower, making transactions on HALO Network extremely affordable.

On HALO Network 2.0, user earnings should jump as the metric for calculations entails everything from voting to pledging and more. Of course, this means the active members of the HALO community will benefit from this upgrade.

This upgrade also extends to the consensus mechanism of the blockchain. HPOS was upgraded to its final version in December 2021. This might mean changes to how pledging and pledge redemption is done, but there are instructions to help users in that regard.

HALO Network Block Explorer Upgrade

One of the most exceptional attributes of HALO Network is the blockchain’s frequent upgrade of its ecosystems. In December 2021, that upgrade continued with HALO Chain Block Explorer.

The latest update to the network’s explorer is expected to support the increase in transaction volume. HALO Network has witnessed a surge in the transaction as many in the crypto space begin to take notice of the public chain.

As pleasant as upgrades might be, they tend to come with downtime and that of HALO Network block explorer was no different. Fortunately, that downtime lasted for only a short time, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of the upgraded explorer sooner than many expected.

NebuDAO Launch

In 2021, the metaverse was one of the top trends in the crypto space. There are strong indications that the trend isn’t ending in 2022, regardless of the current market situation, and HALO Network won’t be left behind.

HALO Network has all it takes to support the growth of the metaverse and developers are beginning to notice. One of the projects in this space that has taken relevant action is NebuDAO. It is a GameFi specific dApp that is coming to HALO Network, relying on the public chain to service the metaverse needs of users.

NebuDAO will allow users to navigate the metaverse from a truly vantage point. With NebuDAO, a true decentralized autonomous organization is finally on HALO Network. Considering the role of such entities on the blockchain, this is certainly great news for HALO Network users and the public chain as a whole.

HALO Network Opens Collaboration Form

December 2021 brought forth good tidings for the crypto community as HALO Network opened its doors to collaboration with developers and viable projects. Interested project owners and developers can complete the collaboration form and expect a response in the coming days.

This latest move by HALO Network will grow the HALO Community, encouraging even more participants to get involved.

Collaborations are crucial in the blockchain space. With HALO Network taking this route, the digital ledger gets more visibility, helping more users in the process.

Changes To HALO Bridge Processing Fee

December 2021 also witnessed an upsurge in bridging activities on HALO Bridge, which necessitated changes to the processing fee. This change in bridging fee rose mostly due to the increase in verification transactions needed for every cross-chain bridging.

Henceforth, the processing fee will take on a more flexible rate, so it’s user-friendly.

What To Expect Going Forward

The latest upgrade to HALO Network 2.0 paints a vivid picture of the blockchain. Such drastic updates point to a public chain that’s getting a lot of attention and taking steps to manage such. HALO Network is gaining a lot of traction and the chain intends to savor it all.

With NebuDAO coming to HALO Network, the blockchain won’t be playing catch-up on GameFi and metaverse trends. We can expect more project owners and developers to complete that collaboration form considering the many perks available on HALO Network. Of course, several GameFi, Web3, and metaverse projects will be right in the mix.



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