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HALO Network — December 2021 — Week 4 Report

Here’s the report for the 4th week of December, 12/20/2021 to 12/26/2021.

Market Performance: Steady expansion and accelerating towards Metaverse

HALO Chain Statistics

  • Wallet addresses: 82,600
  • Total transactions: 3,509,000
  • Total blocks: 4,352,000
  • Total number of tokens issued: 120

POS Node Final Statistics

  • Total pledged power: 4,608,799.7923 HO
  • Total community pledged power: 13,735,245.7442 HO

Community Statistics

  • Twitter: 32.3K followers
  • Discord: 17.4K members
  • Telegram English community: 21.1K members
  • WeChat + Telegram Chinese community: 4.4K members

HO and HOS Performance

  • HO liquidity on HOSWAP: 212,071 USDT
  • BSC-HO liquidity on PancakeSwap: 522,970 USDT
  • HO price: 2.5845 USDT/HO
  • HOS price: 11.4124 USDT/HOS
  • HOS liquidity on HOSWAP: 160,108 USDT


  • HO/USDT LP Pool APY: 59%
  • HOS/HO LP Pool APY: 78%


  • HALO DNS Upgrade: In order to provide the best user experience, HALO Network has upgraded the DNS service for the main domain name. HALO Network performance will be further improved after the upgrade.
  • HALO Network Christmas Giveaway (POS Node Pledging Campaign): To celebrate the first Christmas since the launch of HALO Network, the HALO Network team is giving away a total of 500 HO tokens to users who will pledge HO in the POS Node. Users can refer to the HALO Network Twitter channel for instructions on how to participate.

Contract Addresses

  • BSC-HO: 0x41515885251e724233c6cA94530d6dcf3A20dEc7
  • HALO-HOS: 0x6b61e560daE09b2488e8fc597eABAfeafC3A5EF1
  • HALO-USDT: 0x41515885251e724233c6cA94530d6dcf3A20dEc7




HALO Network is an efficient blockchain network system. It provides one-stop integration of DeFi application level with decentralized, energy efficient and low-cost transaction structure with traditional financial instruments.

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HALO Network

HALO Network

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