HALO Network Development Recap — December 2022

Adaora Anders
HALO Network
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4 min readDec 31, 2022


With the Christmas holidays upon us, it’s always a great idea to catch up on what has been happening within the HALO Network ecosystem. Here, we look at the latest strides achieved by the public chain in December. Read on!

HALO Ecology Production Weights Update

In December, the ecology production weights of the HALO ecosystem on W3SWAP continued with the W3 mining pools of HO/OSK and HO/HOS. The HD mining pool and its W3 counterpart have seen production weights of different HALO Network ecosystem liquidity pools rise significantly. This has put the public chain in the spotlight for the right reasons.

The production weights are public knowledge, letting users track their tokens and rewards accrued.

Transactions on HALO Network Exceeds 8 million

December brought some good news in the total number of transactions on the HALO chain exceeding 8 million. It’s such a big win for the public chain that’s barely two years old, yet it’s outperforming chains much older in this space.

This is certainly a hint of what is to come, especially as it concerns the adoption of HALO Network ecosystem within the crypto space.

Mined Blocks on HALO Network Exceeds 10 million

In December, the number of blocks mined on the HALO Chain exceeded 10 million. It’s a clear indication of the growing popularity of the public chain as its unique consensus algorithm hasn’t gone unnoticed. With the 10 million mined blocks done, expectations are high for HALO Network.

Will these numbers only go higher in the months to come? Perhaps, they will since the chain is still largely unknown in this space. There’s room for improvement, that’s for sure.

POS 2.0 Adjustment Announced

As the month progressed, news of the highly anticipated POS 2.0 adjustment spread. The changes will improve the HALO ecosystem, getting rid of the numerous clogs in the wheels of the public chain.

As expected, staked HO tokens in POS 2.0 will be available to unstake after December 7th at 15:00 (UTC+8). Anyone holding the HALO Network native token can proceed to unstake them afterwards.

Strategic Partnership with FOGDAO

HALO Network is no stranger to partnerships, so the latest collaboration with FOGDAO in December might not have many batting eyelids. The public chain announced a strategic partnership with FOGDAO, a decentralized community comprising security experts.

A strategic partnership with FOGDAO is primarily focused on improving the security of the HALO ecosystem. With the reputation of the FOGDAO community, lots of users are expectant of a chain that’s immune to the machinations of unwholesome attacks.

Strategic Partnership with ALEO and Fortune DAO

Still on collaborations, HALO Network entered a strategic partnership with ALEO and Fortune DAO in December. Through these partnerships, HALO Network gets access to the ALEO physical mining machines, which reinforces the financial security of the ecosystem.

The collaboration with Fortune DAO provides the ecosystem’s native token, HO with ample opportunity to permeate lots of web3 games within the Fortune DAO platform. It’s a great way for HO holders to put their tokens to good use..


On the activity scale, December might not be high up there for HALO Network, but it brings this tumultuous year for the crypto space to a close. From amazing milestones to strategic partnerships with FOGDAO, Fortune Dao and Aleo, there are several positives to take home. It’s time to chin up and look forward to what the new year holds in store for HALO Network and the crypto space in general.

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