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HALO Network Development Recap — October 2021

It was an eventful October for HALO Network. Lots of developments took place on the blockchain during the month of October. While HALO Network’s team tries to carry along community members on this journey, there’s a lot that might get lost in transmission.

This October’s development recap should keep you updated on the network’s progress in meeting the demands of users.

HOS Destruction Mining Pool Launched

October development started on the right footing for HALO Network. The launch of the HOS destruction mining pool took place in October. Users can now lock in their HOS tokens for block rewards in the destruction mining pool.

The destruction of mining pools brings forth new ways of incentivizing liquidity while keeping inflation in check. In addition, HALO Network uses these pools to improve the efficiency of IDOs conducted on the chain.

HALO Bridge Upgraded

To ensure bridging services on HALO Network are efficient, safe, and prompt as promised, HALO Bridge got upgraded in October. With this upgrade, users of the bridge can correct wallet address errors as well as navigate network instability without issues.

HALO Bridge provides an efficient way of carrying out cross-chain transactions. This upgrade will build on the strength of the bridge, ensuring users get the desired result by using the bridge. If anything, HALO Network hopes to penetrate the De-Fi space through the provision of a bridge service that works. Most of the competition doesn’t measure up, so it’s good to see a blockchain go the extra mile to deliver a bridge that works.

RPC Nodes Upgraded

In October, HALO Network RPC Nodes were upgraded to ensure the nodes deliver on the expectations of the crypto public. While this came with inconveniences for users, alternatives were made available for those in need of such. Fortunately, the RPC Nodes were up and running in no time, saving users the strain of navigating uneasy alternatives.

BAT Protocol Launched On HALO Network

October came with more people interested in the metaverse. This coincided with the launch of BAT Protocol, a metaverse project on HALO Network.

BATPL is a protocol aiming to deliver the trio of Web3, NFT, and Metaverse launched on HALO Network. Following the conclusion of the BATPL launch, the BATPL/USDT pair was added on HALO Network main DEX, HOSWAP.

HALO Network might be a blockchain for DeFi protocols, but the network continues to expand its dragnet through collaborations and support for viable projects in other areas; BATPL is one such project.

The launch of BAT Protocol on HALO Network is a significant step for both parties. BATPL gets to enjoy the blockchain’s state-of-the-art infrastructure while the network leverages the protocol to get its foot into the metaverse world.

HALO Block Explorer Upgraded

The block explorer for HALO Network was upgraded in October. With browser support issues troubling iPhone users, the upgrade was crucial.

Now, users can use relevant browsers to access the HALO block explorer regardless of their device type.

One of the reasons for this upgrade is the network’s desire to cater to the interest of users, letting them stay on top of activities on the blockchain no matter the device used.

Action World IDO On HALO Network

With the success of previous IDOs held on HALO Network, more projects came calling. In October, the Action World IDO took place on HALO Network, opening the blockchain to the possibility of incubating budding projects through the launchpad, Action World.

The Action World IDO that took place on HALO Network opens the chain to the opportunities in the Southeast Asia market since Action World is a launchpad for projects in that part of the world.

Besides the opportunity for new projects to spring up, the Action World launch on HALO Network will provide some much-needed traction for the blockchain. HALO Network might be sophisticated and efficient, but these attributes are only remarkable if users get to enjoy them.

Integrated Cross-chain LP Function

Also in October, HALO Network introduced new functionality that allows the use of LP from multiple chains on its blockchain. Liquidity providers on other chains can now put their LPs to work on HALO Network and reap the massive dividends available on that blockchain.

A cross-chain LP support points to the impressive interoperability of HALO Network. The cross-chain LP support will certainly become a popular attribute of most networks, just like Ethereum introduced smart contracts through its EVM.

While this latest feature got included in October, it will only go live next month. It’s a sign of the innovative features to come from the stable of HALO Network.


October was a busy month for everyone at HALO Network. Several significant milestones were achieved by the blockchain in October. With the resilience of the team at HALO Network, there is no stopping what the blockchain is capable of. Stay tuned to see what November brings forth!

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