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HALO Network Empowers Web 3.0, Building a DeFi+Metaverse Application Ecosystem

DeFi has created transparent, open-source, and permission-less financial conditions with naturally coupling NFTs serving as a new tool for the crypto ecosystem. In such a context, GameFi, a hybrid of NFTs and DeFi, is bound to blaze a new popular trail for the industry.

Based on the current industry conditions, supported by the new concept “metaverse”, various blockchain games have gone viral through the “P2E” model of GameFi, represented by Axie Infinity, the most typical blockchain game. Moreover, the prices of GameFi tokens have been on the rise steadily.

As an important part of GameFi, NFT and DeFi are also at the core of the metaverse ecosystem. Thus, HALO Network, a new-gen innovative public chain, is compatible with numerous applications, such as NFTs and DeFi, under its technological framework. Besides, the GameFi ecosystem will be stronger, regulated by the governance rules of its DAO.

HALO Network boasts an ecosystem bridging multiple public chains, including BSC, ETH, and DOT. Also, its open ecosystem has natural compatibility for innovations in NFTs and DeFi. With such a system, its first metaverse DApp, NebuDAO, is introduced in the GameFi track, followed by the organization of blockchain game fans from the network. Through NebuDAO, a consensus among game players can be established for forming DAO game guilds, which can enable users to enjoy economic benefits in the metaverse.

As a part of the HALO Network Ecosystem, NebuDAO provides the players with emerging “P2E” opportunities. In this way, during their exploration of the metaverse, they can harvest considerable dividends in the crypto industry while having fun in the game.

The existing users in the ecosystem can join NebuDAO effortlessly. For newcomers of blockchain games, to join the DAO, they should find the DAO members first. After that, they can share financial benefits in the metaverse, under the guidance of those members.

Acting as an innovation in the ecosystem, NebuDAO represents a meaningful milestone of the metaverse exploration by HALO Network. Apart from that, based on the open and secure technological framework of the network, it is governed by DAO, offering a fair, transparent, and secure metaverse ecosystem for users who can enjoy the metaverse freely.

The launch of HALO Network is inspiring for the metaverse evolution and iteration. It is known to all that there is still a long way to go before building a mature metaverse since the technologies behind it are still in their cradle. Despite that, on top of more established infrastructures and the accumulation of granular industry data of a bigger size, HALO Network will create a new flywheel effect, integrating elements in the real world, including finance, gaming, and entertainment, into the metaverse ecosystem. In this way, the metaverse can be turned into a new public good for all.

It is fair to say that in the future, the metaverse ecosystem will be more complete as HALO Network continues to evolve.

Since the launch of HALO Network, HALO Chain has been evolving for better products and an extended ecosystem. In particular, the sustained refinement of Bridge and NebuDAO is one of the major breakthroughs achieved by the network in the crypto space. Nevertheless, it still enjoys enormous growth potential, compared to other projects on the same track. After partnering with NebuDAO, HALO Network will build a DeFi+metaverse ecosystem inclusive for all applications, generating a more vivid cyber world!



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