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HALO Network — February 2022 — Week 1 Report

Here’s the report for the 1st week of February, 01/31/2022 to 02/06/2022.

Market Performance: Steady expansion and accelerating towards Metaverse

HALO Chain Statistics

  • Wallet addresses: 91,700
  • Total transactions: 4,903,000
  • Total blocks: 5,077,000
  • Total number of tokens issued: 123

POS Node Final Statistics

  • Total pledged power: 5,633,252.0027 HO
  • Total community pledged power: 17,170,817.1318 HO

Community Statistics

  • Twitter: 31.6K followers
  • Discord: 16.1K members
  • Telegram English community: 19K members
  • WeChat + Telegram Chinese community: 9.2K members

HO and HOS Performance

  • HO liquidity on HOSWAP: 264,573 USDT
  • BSC-HO liquidity on PancakeSwap: 645,370 USDT
  • HO price: 2.9709 USDT/HO
  • HOS price: 27.5661 USDT/HOS
  • HOS liquidity on HOSWAP: 544,403 USDT


  • HO/USDT LP Pool APY: 114%
  • HOS/HO LP Pool APY: 56%


  • HALO Network Releases 2021 Year-End Summary Report. HALO Network has summarized the development of history of 2021. It comprehensively analyzed the technical barriers and market performance of NFT, DeFi and metaverse. As a result, further improved the development as a public chain itself. In the year-end summary report, HALO Network has also provided its own visionary view of the upcoming blooming season of crypto applications in 2022.

Contract Addresses

  • BSC-HO: 0x41515885251e724233c6cA94530d6dcf3A20dEc7
  • HALO-HOS: 0x6b61e560daE09b2488e8fc597eABAfeafC3A5EF1
  • HALO-USDT: 0x41515885251e724233c6cA94530d6dcf3A20dEc7



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HALO Network

HALO Network


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