HALO Network Development Recap — February 2023

Adaora Anders
HALO Network
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2 min readMar 2, 2023


This February, there’s a handful of developments within the HALO Network ecosystem. In this article, we intend to recap some of these milestones achieved by the network without much fuss.

Ecology Production Weights Update

In February, HALO ecology production weights continued to grow immensely. The production weights of HALO Network on the W3SWAP super farms came in for February 2023. As usual, the production weights update are done on a weekly basis. Between February 2nd and 9th, the HALO Network production weights in the W3 mining pool saw HO/OSK-DAO do a 7x and the HO/HOS pair do a 6x.

The second week of HALO Network ecology production weights recorded between February 9th to February 16th saw the production weights in the HD mining pools of HO/OSK-DAO, HO/HBG, and HO/HOS hit 700x, 100x, and 200x respectively.

The third week of HALO Network ecology production weights took place between February 16 and February 23. The production weights for the HO/OSK-DAO, HO/HOS, and HO/HBG pairs on the HD mining pool saw exponential returns of 700x, 200x, and 100x respectively.

Concluding the HALO Network production weights in February, the W3 mining pool saw a return of 66x and 6x for the HO/OSK-DAO and HO/HOS pairs respectively. This took place between February 23 and March 2.

$HO Burns by Starfish OS

In February, $HO were burned by Starfish OS, a partner outfit that supports the ecosystem through regular burns. This latest development helped remove a significant chunk of the network’s native token from the circulating supply, which should have a positive effect on the price of the cryptocurrency.


February was rather quiet on the news front from HALO Network, but the ecosystem has continued to build in silence as expected in a bear market. The general public is enthusiastic about what the future holds for the public chain.